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Plumbing Services: An Explanation of the Basics | St. Paul, MN

If you’re a first-time homeowner or have little-to-know knowledge of plumbing, it can be intimidating to make a call for plumbing service. What do you ask for? How do you know you’re getting the right work done? Luckily, we’ve outlined an explanation of the basics for you so you can better understand how to make a plumbing service call. 

There are four main types of plumber services: inspection, maintenance, repair, and replacement. 


One common type of plumbing service is inspections. Licensed plumbers can be called to inspect a plumbing system being installed in a new home or a new installation in an existing home. If you’re purchasing a newly built home or property, you can ask for a copy of the plumber inspection report. 

The licensed technician comes in to verify that the work has been done correctly and safely. Most often, the plumber will look at the pipes, the water outtake system, the water intake system, the sinks, faucets, toilet, water heaters, and sump pumps. The plumber will ask about expected usage demand to determine that the right size water heater has been installed. 

Commercial properties need inspections too. These inspections should be done by a plumber that is qualified in commercial work, as it can be greatly different than residential work. 

Residential and commercial properties that are multiple floors, two or more, will need to consider how gravity will play a role in the plumbing system. A plumbing inspection can be hired for a building of any size, including warehouses or highrises. 

These inspections are useful as plumbers can point out potential issues and make recommendations on how the problems can be addressed. These recommendations can include fixing the existing system, upgrading it, altering parts of it, or replacing it altogether. At that point, the plumbing services moves onto the phase of maintenance or repair. 


Every type of plumbing system is supposed to have regular maintenance work done. Regular maintenance can ensure systems are working correctly and can prevent small problems from advancing into big ones. Maintenance saves money in the long run by avoiding costly problems and extending the life of systems. 

For example, in general, water heaters last between eight to twelve years. If you kept up with regular maintenance, the water heater would likely last past ten years. Without regular maintenance, the system will be more likely to shut down around the eight-year mark. It’s generally recommended you make a maintenance appointment for all of your plumbing systems once a year. 

Licensed plumbers can be called for maintenance plumbing service on any plumbing system. Often, maintenance includes looking for signs of leaks, mold, corrosion, or mildew within a plumbing system. If there isn’t a specific system that needs attention, plumbers can be called for a full-home maintenance check looking at the toilet, water heater, drains, and pipes. 

Plumbers can be called for maintenance plumbing service on water heaters. They will check for water pressure, leaks, and operating temperature. 

Lastly, plumbers may clear drains of any blockage and check on any backflow detection devices. 

If there are any concerning warning signs, the plumber can recommend repair or replacement work for the system. If the maintenance work is done without any hiccups, you should ask your plumber when the next appointment for maintenance should be scheduled. 


From time to time, plumbing systems will require repairs. This is often discovered during a maintenance check or if a plumbing service call is made because a system isn’t working correctly. If the household is lucky, the repair is caught early on and can be addressed easily. These minor jobs include work such as replacing broken water pipes, fixing sewer line blockages, or fixing the water pressure. Sometimes though, plumbing repairs are for much larger jobs such as gas leaks or frozen pipes. 

Many plumbers are available 24/7 for emergency repairs. After all, you can’t control when a plumbing emergency is going to happen!


Plumbers always do their best to repair a system rather than replace it. After all, plumbers want to save their clients money whenever possible! However, sometimes a system is old or defective and simply needs to be replaced for the safety of the home. A plumber will advise what the client can choose for replacement options and do the installation work. 

Clients do not need to accept from a single plumber the recommendation for a replacement of a system. If this recommendation seems suspicious to you, you can always get a second opinion. 

How to Know What You’re Calling For

Often, you don’t know what you’re calling for when you’re making a plumbing service request. You can think you’re requesting an inspection, but that turns into repairs. Or, you could believe you are calling for regular maintenance, but that turns into a replacement call. The best thing you can do is provide as much information as possible to your plumber when you make the appointment. They will come by for an inspection and let you know what needs to be done. If you want to know more details beforehand, you can call into the plumbing company, and ask them what they think the issue is. 

Plumbing work is an investment in a home and is a necessity. Try to go with the plumber’s recommendation and keep in mind that these repairs will keep you and your loved ones safe. 

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