Toilet Replacement

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There are many features and fixtures in homes from Anoka to Rochester that residents take for granted. But few are overlooked as often as the unsung hero of every bathroom, the trusted toilet. This virtual device is used many times daily with little thought to its age or potential issues that could be wasting money and water or, worse leaking waste into the floors of your home. But all it takes is one tough clog or failure to flush to strike panic into the hearts of an entire generation that has never lived without indoor plumbing. That panic is often followed by a frantic call to the toilet replacement experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains at 612-340-1444.


While essential to our daily lives, a toilet is a very basic device. And with proper installation and care, a commode can last for around 50 years. However, it is essential to remember that a lot has changed in the last half-century, including toilet technology and our understanding of our environment. So even if your pastel toilet from the 50s still looks great, it might be time to consider a toilet replacement to conserve water and prevent a nasty mess from leaking sewage.


When your house is peaceful and quiet, do you hear the faint sound of running water? And can you zero in on the sound as you enter the bathroom and move closer to the toilet? If you answered yes to these questions, that running toilet could be wasting hundreds of gallons of water each day and costing you a small fortune. A simple test with food coloring can confirm that your toilet tank is leaking and wasting a significant amount of water.

Place enough food coloring in the holding tank to color the water. Then leave the toilet unused for 30 minutes. When you return, if the water in the toilet bowl is now also colored, the flapper is leaking and wasting water. You can try replacing the flapper assembly or consider a replacement with a new low-flow toilet for even more water conservation and cost savings.


Discovering a crack or other obvious damage to your toilet is a sure sign that it is time to call Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains at 612-340-1444 for a price quote on a toilet replacement. However, there are other types of damage that you might not think warrant a replacement. For example, scratches and damage to the surface of the toilet bowl might not appear to be a big deal. But in reality, they make cleaning more challenging. The surface of a toilet bowl is smooth to ensure that all waste is quickly and completely removed. However, if you have used abrasive or strong bleach cleaners, the surface can be damaged or destroyed, allowing each scratch to harbor harmful bacteria. Once the surface is damaged, the only safe and healthy solution is a new toilet installation.

Call 612-340-1444 to discuss all your replacement toilet options with the pros at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains.