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9 Warning Signs You May Need to Call a Water Line Repair Specialist | St. Paul, MN

Damaged water lines can cause costly repairs and replacements around your home. Leaking pipes below ground level could go undetected for a significant portion of time. A pervasive undetected leak can even lead to structural damage, not only to your property but, potentially, neighbors’ homes and the entire street. The thought of facing legal costs on top of the repair bill is pretty intimidating, so make it your business to learn all the early warning signs that it’s time to call a water line repair specialist.

Leaks are one of the most stubborn and potentially costly plumbing issues a homeowner can face. Problems with water mains usually require the attention of a professional plumber. If you need a water line repair specialist in St. Paul, MN, call Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains today at 952-213-3642. 

What Is a Water Main?

The water main links the plumbing to and from your property to the public water supply and local sewage plant. This main line tends to be found underground, so it can’t be located or fixed without digging. If you’re thinking about trying out some DIY on this vital aspect of your home’s structure, we’d suggest that you consider calling in a professional. Digging could potentially lead to further damage to your home or the public water supply, which you’d be liable for. 

1. A Spike in Your Water Bill

Whether it’s a steady increase or a spike, if you can’t explain why you’re being charged more for your water than usual, you may require water line repair services. Make sure you thoroughly check your bill each month for an increase. If the bill is higher, but water usage is the same, investigate your basement, water line, foundations and lawn for signs that water is accumulating in one of these areas. 

2. Low Water Pressure

Unfortunately, water pressure isn’t usually affected until a leak has become substantial, so you might already have a massive repair job on your hands at this stage. The most common cause for a dip in water pressure is a broken pipe or water line. Turn off the main water supply as soon as you notice a significant change in water pressure to reduce water damage to your ruptured plumbing and give a plumber a call. 

3. Nasty Drain Smells

Drain or sewage smells in the home are generally a sign that something is wrong with the pipes. If waste and wastewater aren’t channeled where they’re supposed to be, an awful smell is inevitable. These types of odors are pretty solid signs that the pipes are backed up or blocked, and you need to call in the help of a water line repair service. 

4. Cracks in Your Foundations

Leaking water is pervasive, and it can make it into the foundations of your home — potentially leading to the weakening of the base your property was built upon. You might be able to see when faults in the foundation have formed as cracks in the walls are likely to appear as well. 

5. Bubbling Water Sounds

Banging, whistling and gurgling noises coming from the plumbing is a fairly reliable sign that there’s an issue with the pipes in your house. Never ignore sounds that you can’t explain, especially when they seem to be emanating from areas where water leaks are likely to occur. 

6. Puddles Indoors

If water has built-up around sinks, toilets or bathtubs, it could be a sign that there’s a leak in your plumbing. While you may not need to call on the services of a water line repair specialist, we’d recommend that you enlist the help of a plumber to detect the leak and fix it. 

7. Water Marks on the Ceilings and Walls 

Visible water damage is a surefire sign of leaking within the home. If you’re certain that no-one in the house is consistently getting water on the floor when they bathe, you likely have a leak. If mold or mildew is appearing in unexpected areas, an unseen leak may be the culprit. 

8. Water in Your Front or Back Yard 

Spongy soil, puddles and wet spots on your lawn could indicate that there’s a serious problem with your water line. You might have been losing a significant amount of water for quite a while without realizing it, so be sure to check your lawn for signs of waterlogging regularly. 

9. Water in Front of Your Property 

If a pipe has ruptured, cracked or eroded, and the leaking water has nowhere to go, you might notice it bubbling up in the street. When a homeowner sees water leaking in the street in front of their home, they should enlist the services of a water line repair specialist as soon as possible. 

How to Find Where the Leak is Coming from

Before anything else, you must rule out any hidden leaks as the cause of the problem. Running toilet leaks are notorious for being difficult to locate, and they can cause a hefty spike in your monthly water charges. If you’re not sure about how to check the toilet for hidden leaks, call in the help of a plumber who specializes in water line repair. 

Don’t forget to check the obvious places for drips, such as taps, washing machines, dishwashers, HVAC equipment and your hot water system. Carpets, ceilings, floorboards and walls can also give away signs of leaking, so thoroughly check your home for discolored patches or warped areas. 

If you live in an older home, the supply line may have accumulated damage over time, leading to a loss of water pressure. If this is leaking, you may have discovered unexplained patches of water or muddy areas on your front lawn. The supply line is the homeowner’s responsibility to repair, but rather than risking making the situation worse by trying to fix it yourself, call in a water line repair service to safely carry out the job. 

Water Line Repair Services in St. Paul, MN 

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