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WATER HEATER Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why am I suddenly running out of hot water?

If you experience issues with the amount of hot water in your home, the challenge is typically related to a change in your hot water needs or a problem with the function of your water heater. The best approach is to consider your recent hot water usage and determine if you are now using more hot water than you were in the past. The answer to this annoying problem could be as simple as a house guest increasing the demand on your water heater or the need for long hot showers to relieve aching muscles from a new workout routine. However, if your routine and hot water needs have not changed, a call to Paul Bunyan at 612-340-1444 is sure to provide reliable answers. Our pros will inspect your water heater and determine if a repair or replacement is the ideal solution for you and your home.

  • Why do I have to wait so long for hot water?

Many factors have an impact on how long you wait for hot water when you turn on the shower or a faucet in your home. From the length of the water line and the location of the water heater to the outside temperature, all play a role in the time you wait to enjoy hot water. What is vital is noticing when this length of time changes drastically and for no apparent reason. For example, the water lines can deliver more cold water in cold weather before the desired steamy water arrives. But if you are waiting longer than you did last winter or last week, the issue could be an increase in sediment in the water heater, a failing heating element, or a number of other problems that the pros at Paul Bunyan can rectify for you, quickly and cost-effectively.

Sump Pump Frequently Asked Questions

  • How big is the sump hole?

In most cases, the capacity of the pit is between 15 and 25 gallons. But the size can vary depending on the grade of the property and the size of the sump pump. Learn more about installation by clicking here

  • Who should have a sump pump?

Anyone with a basement should consider installing a sump pump. It is a very simple and affordable way to prevent costly flooding. These pumps are most useful in regions that experience torrential downpours that result in flooding and standing water against the foundation of your home. This is often when water will seep into your basement and damage any finished living space or belongings stored in the area. A sump pump is also beneficial in regions like Minnesota, where the spring thaw can result in massive snowmelt in a short period of time, leaving standing water around your home’s foundation. Both of these events can cause tens of thousands of dollars in water damage and contamination, but they can easily be avoided with a sump pump installation.

  • Are sump pumps electric?

Yes, sump pumps are electric. But, in areas with frequent power outages or storms that interfere with electricity, it is recommended that you have a battery backup. This ensures that even during a storm that knocks out your power, the sump pump will continue to evacuate the water seeping into your basement.

  • Is there more than one type of sump pump?

There are two types of sump pumps. The first is a pedestal pump that has the motor located above the sump pit. These units are more accessible to service, but some homeowners prefer not to see the motor above the sump pit. The second type is a submersible pump. With these units, the entire pump rests inside the sump pit. For service or cleaning, the entire pump must be removed from the sump hole.

For more information about a sump pump installation at your home, call 612-340-1444 to schedule an appointment with a licensed plumber from Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains. We offer free no-obligation price quotes. All of our work, including sump pump installations, come with a full parts and labor warranty.