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What Causes a Gas Line to Leak and When to Call the Professionals for Gas Line Repair | Minneapolis, MN

If you have an issue with a gas line, then you have an emergency that needs taken care of properly. Depending on what the situation is you may even have to leave your home until the proper gas line repair in Minneapolis, MN can take place. In some situations, turning off the valve to an isolated gas leak may be enough.

However, it can be hard to tell until you have a professional assess your pipes, and with a gas leak, you should not wait until a gas line repair specialist shows up. If you suspect any type of gas leak you should leave your home and call your natural gas supplier to come to evaluate the issue. They can shut it off properly to protect you and your family and then a trained plumber can come out to take care of the issue.


How Do Gas Lines Work?

Almost every home has a natural gas line in their home to power the stove, water heater, and/or furnace. Usually, a gas line comes inside from out of the house and connects directly to the water heater, stove, furnace, or any other appliance that uses gas. While there are multiple types of gas, most homes depend on natural gas to fuel their homes. The gas is developed to your home via an underground pipe system which you will likely never see.

Natural gas line repair or installation should always be installed by a professional, but even with proper installation problems can arise over time that needs to be addressed. Ignoring a gas leak can have deadly results, so it is important to always seek help right away when your house issue has to deal with gas. Gas is extremely flammable and toxic to breathe, which is why you should not delay in getting your gas line fixed.


Why Do Gas Lines Leak?

There are two major reasons why gas lines start to leak. The first is simply that the lines start to age over time. Like any other piping in your plumbing system, pipes are only good for so long. If you have an old home then it is only reasonable that eventually, the pipes will need to be replaced. Once again, with gas, it is important not to play around.

The second reason that gas lines leak is that they are under the continual pressure of gas at all times. Gas pressure can build up over time and sometimes the pressure is enough to knock out a loose joint or cause a break or split. In either case, gas line repair is important to ensure the safety of your family.


Other Reasons Gas Leaks Occur 

The actual gas line repair that you require in Minneapolis, MN is heavily dependent on the problem behind the leak. In some cases, an appliance is installed incorrectly leading to the leak. This is the case when many people attempt to install their major appliances on their own. Similarly, sometimes the gas line hookup is not properly installed which can also lead to a leak.

Line leaks also commonly occur if the hose that leads to the gas line gets pinched for one reason or another. The pinch can lead to a small leak in the hose that is undetectable to the human eye, but large enough that gas can waft out of it. 

Additionally, over time the seals that connect the piping of your appliances can wear out and start to corrode. When the seal breaks down the gas is easily able to seep into your home. Replacing the seal is the best way to fix this problem and is something that any gas line repair specialist can handle. 

In either case, you need to seek out gas line repair services promptly to ensure everyone stays safe. It can be hard to detect leaking gas or the source of the leaking gas which is why a call to a professional is always in order. Most natural gas has an odor that is added to it so that if it leaks you are alerted. A lot of people describe this smell as rotten eggs or similar to propane. If you suddenly start noticing this smell in your home, you should call a plumber quickly to determine the cause and if you do have a natural gas leak.


What Do You Do If You Think You Need a Gas Line Repair?

If you think that you have some type of gas leak the first thing you should do is turn off your gas supply. If you don’t know where the main gas supply valve is this is a good thing to remember to ask your plumber next time they come to your home. Best practice dictates that not only should you turn off the main supply line, but you should also turn off the gas supply valve at each of your appliances until you get someone into your home to perform a gas line repair. You should be able to turn off all of the gas valves at your appliances but depending on where your main supply line is located you may need the help of a professional and licensed plumber.


Whether you just want to book a gas line inspection or you think that you need gas line repair, Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains can help. We offer emergency plumbing repair services to all of our customers and can be out promptly at your house. We know that natural gas is not something to play around with, which is why we take gas line repair seriously. If you have any reason to suspect a leak, give us a call right away.

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