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Signs You Need Water Line Repair | Minneapolis, MN

Few home problems can be more stressful and damaging than the need for emergency water line repair. For many homeowners, a burst water main or pipe can cause extensive damage to the house and may even make it unlivable. However, before a worn or leaking water pipe turns into an emergency, there are steps you can take for preventative maintenance and simple water line repair to reduce your chances of an emergency. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains in Minneapolis, MN, has the experience you need to diagnose issues with your water lines and fix them, fast.

Fresh water coming into your home is essential for daily life, and without it, your family may become ill or you may not be able to keep yourselves and belongings clean. Learn more about some signs that you need a water line repair and what you can do about it.


Discolored Water

Your water should be clear and neutral colored. If you notice that you have cloudy water or it has a rusty tinge, there is an issue with your water line. Depending on the pipes you have, corrosion can affect the taste, color, and smell of your water. Metal pipes may leach dangerous chemicals into your water. If your water is discolored, stop drinking it immediately and call for water line repair.

Corroded pipes don’t just affect your water quality. Over time, mineral deposits or just general wear and tear can compromise the integrity of the material, leading to thinner places in the pipes or weakening seams. Eventually, this may result in a broken pipe and leak.

It may not be the pipes themselves that are causing discoloration to your water. Small leaks at the seams of the pipes allow dirt and soil to enter the waterline. A professional plumber can inspect to determine the cause of discolored water.


“Swamp Lawn”

Take time every month or so to walk your lawn, preferably on a dry day. If you notice damp or soggy spots on your lawn and it hasn’t rained lately, there could be a crack in your water line. These leaks under the surface of your lawn can grow, and if the leak is close to your house, it can weaken your foundation. It’s essential that you call for water line repair right away to prevent damage to your home and lawn.


Higher Water Bill

Mont homeowners have a general idea of their monthly water use and the changes from winter to summer. If you notice that your Minneapolis, MN, home has a higher water bill than usual and you haven’t changed your water use habits, it can indicate a silent leak.

You’re charged for all water that enters your home’s pipes from the city main. This means water that’s leaking from pipes, too. So, if you see a rise in your water bill, you’re being charged for a leak! Call a professional plumber to assess the damage quickly.


Low Water Pressure

Interior pipe leaks can lead to lower water pressure from your sinks and appliances. If you notice a drop-in water pressure in one room of the house, let your plumber know so they can investigate. Leaks inside the walls can create conditions for mold and mildew to grow and can damage your drywall. A drop in your home’s water pressure overall may indicate a leak in the water main itself.


Caring for Your Water Lines

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid a costly water line repair. Here are some steps you can take to care for your home’s water supply:


Add Water Softener

If you live in an area with “hard water,” adding water softener to your water tank can help reduce mineral build-up on your appliances and corrosion in your pipes. Or, you can invest in a whole-home water softer system, something that Paul Bunyan techs can easily install for you. You may also notice better-tasting water and better-quality showers, too. If you’re unsure about the mineral content in Minneapolis, MN, call your local plumber for advice.


Insulate Your Pipes

You know that Minneapolis, MN, winters can be harsh, and it’s all too common for pipes to burst on sub-zero days. Insulate the pipes in your home as well as the water lines going into it to protect the pipes from temperature fluctuations.


Lower Water Pressure

Older homes may need frequent water line repair due to worn pipes. Reducing the water pressure in your home can take some of the strain off older pipes and the joining seams. High water pressure can also affect your appliances and faucets, causing unnecessary damage.


Watch What You Put in Your Drains

Clogs happen all too often for everyone, and it can seem like an easy fix to pour chemical solvents down your drains. However, these chemicals are harsh, designed to dissolve solid matter and clogs. The chemicals in these are also corrosive on your pipes and with repeated use can wear the material and weaken the seams. Use professional plumbing services to remove clogs and reduce your need for water line repair.


Check for Leaks

Perform monthly home inspections yourself, looking for loose faucets, puddles of water, and musty smells. All of these indicate a small leak. Call your plumber if you note these signs of a small water line repair, instead of waiting for an emergency to happen. Remember, early detection can save you a lot of money and headaches!


Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Keeping your water heater maintained regularly reduces the chances of leaks and can alert you before there’s a large problem. Your local Paul Bunyan plumbers can quickly inspect your water heater and make honest recommendations if there’s a repair need.


Schedule Your Water Line Repair Service Today!

Whether you need an inspection, you’re undertaking a home renovation, you notice a sign of damage, or you have an emergency, Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains of Minneapolis, MN, is here for you. Give us a call 24 hours a day for an emergency! Or, visit us online for a comprehensive list of our services. We can provide you a no-obligation quote for whatever service you need. Come discover why we’re the best in the business!

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