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Minneapolis, MN Drain Cleaning Service for Emergencies and Prevention

Fast Response When You Need It, Plus Skilled Repairs and Upgrades by Experts

No matter what your drain problem, a slow kitchen sink or an erupting bathroom fixture, you can turn to us to make short work of it. When your fixture isn’t the only problem, we can also arrange to do the repairs that you need long-term such as pipe clearing and sewer maintenance. Our drain cleaning service team is versatile and quick to respond to your needs.

Drain Cleaning Service Can Prevent Trouble as Well as Solve Problems

You don’t have to wait until your drain is clogged before you call us, of course — you can call us for preventive maintenance drain cleaning service. When things get slow to drain or if you have an older home or other property where you suspect the pipes may need attention, turn to us before there’s trouble. We can inspect, test, and scope them out to make sure you’re working with the best flow and can relax. Our goal is to make sure that your plumbing is quiet, reliable, and easy to use, without any trouble or drama for you and your family. 

Our Experience and Technology Makes Tough Jobs Simpler

Plumbing has come a long way from snakes and plungers, though we still use them for some situations. We also use technology to inspect and test, especially in our drain cleaning service. It helps us to know what we’re dealing with, and in certain cases such as missing items or distant blockages, can help us know where to make a precise cut in the system and limit the amount of cleanup after the job is done. For sewers, this can be an enormous help as there are many ways, we can address drain cleaning service problems when we know what’s going on, and we can also avoid solutions that might cause further damage.

Drain Cleaning Has Social Benefits

One of the best benefits of periodic drain cleaning service visits is how it affects the people in the house. You can avoid overflowing toilets at midnight, kitchen sinks that won’t drain on holidays, a guest bathroom that you didn’t realize was unusable for that unexpected guest, and of course catastrophic sewer failure and all the damage and mess that can cause. If you are wise, you don’t have to apologize. Let us help you check your drains.

Our Goal Is Immediate Action with a Long-term Fix

When we’re doing an emergency drain cleaning service, we’re there to make you happy as soon as possible. We work to get the water flowing and the plumbing clear, but we may also suggest a long-term fix that is more extensive which you can schedule later. It’s part of our goal to make you highly satisfied, taking care of your emergencies and providing whatever maintenance you choose, on your schedule.

When Your Drain Issues Point to a Bigger Problem

When we clear a pipe but realize that your sewer needs attention, you’ll find that we are a great source of information and options. We know plumbing, and we can provide the diagnostic and drain cleaning services you need along with detailed information and even video of the insides of your pipes and recommend solutions. In many cases, technology helps us do this efficiently. For instance, it can help us to avoid major digging in cases of progressive sewer problems.

Video and Hydro-jetting Can Avoid a Lot of Digging

A check with our camera can help determine whether you need to dig to address major sewer problems. It can help us see if there is damage to the pipe or tree-related problems. It can also let us know if a fairly simple solution called hydro-jetting might just blast out your blockage and leave you happy and your yard intact.

Experience Lets Us Do the Right Job Efficiently

Drain cleaning service is our specialty, and we’re ready to take on any blockage. The big advantage we have is experience. While every clogged drain looks like it’s just down the pipe, sometimes it can be an accumulation of material inside the wall, way down the pipe, that is trapping more and more debris and heading towards a major problem. We can determine the best way to approach the problem so that we’re efficient and cost-effective, but also address the right issue so the job is done right.

Let an Expert Take a Look First

A word or two about what seems like the quick and easy solution, plungers and drain cleaner chemicals. Both of those actually make our job more difficult, as we have to deal with impacted blockages from the plunger pressure or caustic chemicals from the cleaner which are unhealthy for our workers. Give us a call before you proceed, and you can save us both a lot of trouble.

Routine Cleaning or Midnight Bailout, You’ll Get to Know Your New Plumber

Whether you first meet us on an emergency midnight visit or a drain cleaning service that you scheduled, we’re glad you called, and we hope that this is the beginning of a great relationship. We like to get to know our customers over time, as they’re part of the Minneapolis, MN community we serve and in which we also live. Try us, then remember us for the future not only for drains, but for any plumbing concerns or needs that you have, from new fixtures to re-piping.

We’re your practical, experienced, modern plumber and we’re ready to do our best for you. Give us a call for quick rescues, visit scheduling, or just to talk and ask questions. Call Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains in Minneapolis, MN at 952-213-3642.

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