Are You Putting a New Kitchen or Bathroom in Your Home? Your St. Paul, MN Plumbing Service Can Help It Turn Out Right

Working with Your Plumber When Remodeling Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you’re upgrading your home in St. Paul, MN, your plumber can help to make the most of your resources with help in planning your fixture and appliance installation and completing the plumbing part of the job with experience and skill. We’re the same folks you call 24-hours a day when your old plumbing has problems, and our plumbing service staff know how to get the job done right.

Benefits of Upgrading Plumbing When You Upgrade Fixtures

One way we help to avoid future emergency calls is by making sure your existing plumbing is up to the job. When we upgrade your fixtures or replace appliances, we make sure that your plumbing is solid, with quality joints and materials. This ensures that you don’t just upgrade hardware and retain leaks, joints on the edge and under stress, and low-quality flexible hoses. We make sure you have metal hoses, solid pipes, and clear drains — our plumbing service is comprehensive.

Running New Lines and Using Modern Materials

If your new construction is part of an addition to your home, our plumbing service will use the right modern materials to match or exceed what you’re currently using, as appropriate. We’ll use the latest techniques to run water and drain lines and ensure that they join your existing home plumbing properly. It’s important that the plumbing in your new addition or renovation not only works but works as it should with proper water pressure and drain volume.

Keeping the Pressure and Volume Up

Just as with your electric service, your plumbing service may need to be upgraded if your new construction places additional demands on the water supply. Even if your neighborhood water supply isn’t up to the task, we have ways that we can boost your home’s water pressure for great showers and sink pressure throughout.

Reviewing Plans with Your Plumber to Avoid Retrofits

Our goal as your plumbing service is to ensure that what’s on your building plans will make you happy when it’s installed and turned on. We also ensure that the building inspector is comfortable that the end result meets city requirements. We’ll review the job at hand with you, your architect, and city representatives and use our experience to guide the results towards an affordable, reliable plumbing installation.

Turning to Your Plumber for Ideas

Most homeowners only remodel or add on to their homes a few times max during their lifetime. We are involved in dozens of projects each year, often with the latest new piping technologies, fixtures, and convenient enhancements such as under sink water heaters. When you make your plans, let us offer suggestions to enhance your project, cut costs without affecting the outcome, and add features that you didn’t even know were possible. We can get as excited as you at the possibility of a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom.

Permits and Inspections

We work with the city inspectors in St. Paul, MN and we know how they are likely to view your project plans, where they may have concerns, and what cost-saving approaches they are comfortable with. Turn to us for your plumbing service, and also because you know that we have the ability to handle the permits and inspections process in a professional manner, saving both time and money but getting the job done right.

Your Plumber Knows Your Home and Now, Your New Plumbing

As local plumbers, we know your home and others like it throughout the St. Paul, MN area. We know the materials builders used, the original fixtures, and even what might go wrong over time based on what we’ve seen in your neighbors’ homes. As you add to your home using our plumbing service, we’ll also know the newer parts of your home’s plumbing and be the right folks for you to call for any plumbing service needs from clogged drains to regular maintenance.

If Saving Water Is a Priority

Some water conservation features are mandated by law and regulations, and we can also recommend fixtures and appliances that make the best use of the least flow of water beyond that which is required. You can save on your water and sewer bill with eco-friendly equipment, and still enjoy the comfort and convenience that you’re used to. In particular, there are a variety of new types of toilets which we’ll be glad to discuss with you, from standard low-volume units to specialized units that create additional water pressure using accumulated air pressure rather than more water. We can also provide advice about the latest showerheads, faucets, and dishwashers and include them in your remodeling plans.

Carryover to Other Rooms and Smart Home Connections

Once you’ve added to or upgraded rooms in your home and love the new plumbing work, don’t be surprised if you ask us for a quote to bring existing plumbing fixtures and piping up to your new standards. As smart home features integrate plumbing and appliances, we can also help you bring innovations in your new room to existing plumbing throughout the house.

Don’t Forget Your Laundry Room

If you’d like to upgrade your plumbing in your laundry room or relocate your machines, we’re the plumbing service to call for these essential installations. We’ll also help with appliance installation.

Other Projects You Might Enjoy in the Outdoors

Don’t forget your outdoor plumbing possibilities, from additional modern self-draining spigots near your new garden to plumbing for your sprinkler system. We’ll make sure you have access to water where you need it outdoors, and plumbing that will survive our harsh Minnesota winters.

Call with your Remodeling Questions and Projects!

At Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains, we’re your full-service plumbing service, available twenty-four hours for emergencies. We’re ready for your call to discuss ways that our plumbers can help you improve the way you live in your home. Call 612-340-1444 today!

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