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Plumbing issues can cost thousands of dollars in damage and hours of time cleaning up the mess. It can be anything from a backed-up drain to a leaking pipe or even worse, sewer problems. How gross! No  matter what the problem, you have the solution with Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains, providing top-quality service for residents in St. Paul.


If it involves plumbing and sewers, we do it. From repairing leaks to cleaning out clogged drains and pipes, we take care of the problem. We’ll replace your toilet, sink and water heater with a new version. No matter when the problem happens, you can call us night or day. We’re available 24 hours/7 days a week.

We’ll also work with you to upgrade your system for something more efficient and cost-effective. From faucets to water heaters to boilers, we provide professional installation and maintenance. We install water filtration and purification systems to ensure you’re drinking clean water.

Our plumbers are trained on the latest equipment and systems to offer valuable assistance when choosing between products. We also know the best methods to make repairs to fit your budget. We regularly use techniques like video pipe inspections to help diagnose the problem accurately and quickly. Our goal is to provide exceptional service for every repair and replacement.

Check out our blog to learn more about plumbing and products, which will help you do a better job selecting products and maintaining your plumbing and drain systems. Contact Paul Bunyan for all your plumbing problems.


As the capital of Minnesota, St. Paul is part of a busy metropolitan area. It has a long and interesting history that began back in 1838 when a man opened a tavern and named it Pigs Eye. The town was called Pigs Eye for a few years until a priest built a small chapel called St. Paul. Since St. Paul was located on the Mississippi River, it was a popular stop for steamboats as well as trains on the railroads that ran through. The city also attained an illustrious reputation as a safe haven for big-time criminals, such as Ma Barker, Baby Face Nelson and the famous Al Capone. An agreement was made with the local police that the criminals wouldn’t be apprehended as long as they didn’t commit crimes within the city limits. Today, you’ll find plenty of fun and intriguing things to see and do in this city.

  • Wabash Street Caves – This group of sandstone caves were the homes of mobsters and speakeasies in the early 1900s and today host tours and live big-band music nights.
  • Como Zoo and Conservatory – This attraction is owned by the St. Paul Parks and Recreation, and it includes an amusement park, golf course, carousel, zoo and conservatory.
  • Alexander Ramsey House – Visit the home of the first governor in Minnesota territory and learn more about the early history of the city.
  • Minnesota Children’s Museum – Keep the kids occupied with hands-on exhibits of many interests.