5 Tips To Not Clogging The Toilets

5 Tips To Not Clogging The Toilets

Few moments are as stress-filled and upsetting as the ones when you watch the water begin to rise inside a toilet bowl. Instead of flushing correctly, the water is inching ever closer to the rim, and you are filled with panic. A toilet clog is not the way to start or end your day. You will be searching for the plunger in the best cases, but for more challenging clogs, you will need to call in the experts from Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains. Fortunately, our pros have a few tips to help you avoid these potentially messy catastrophes. In this post we will discuss 5 tips to not clogging the toilets.

5 Tips To Not Clogging The Toilets

Here are 5 Tips To Not Clogging The Toilets:

Too Much Toilet Paper

One of the most common causes of a toilet clog is too much toilet paper. Though the paper will dissolve in water, it takes a bit of time. And when you create a massive wad of TP, it cannot flush through the P-trap drain and move through your home’s drain lines. If the appropriate amount of paper is not getting the job done, flush before getting another handful of paper.

“Flushable” Wet Wipes

Any reputable plumber will tell you that the only thing that you should ever flush other than human waste is toilet paper. Even the so-called flushable wipes are too thick and durable to dissolve quickly in water. Instead, they clump together and often create a nasty blockage in your drain line. To avoid this costly complication, eliminate wet wipes from your bathroom, or dispose of them in a sealed bag in the trashcan.

Loose Hair

Hair is the number one nemesis of all household drains. When flushed, a handful of hair from a hairbrush creates a sticky, stringy web. The hairs quickly become trapped by sticky residue inside the drain lines. Once captured, it begins to snag every piece of debris that should be washing away down the drain.

Use The Trashcan

Many residents from Duluth to Rochester are guilty of throwing trash in the toilet rather than the trashcan. Your toilet is not a trash compactor and should never see anything but human waste and toilet paper. All other paper products, hygiene items, debris, and cleaning aids are going to become stuck in your home’s drain lines and create clogs that can result in raw sewage backing up in your home. Take the extra few seconds and place trash in the trashcan.

Use The Lid

The best way to avoid foreign objects from inadvertently getting into the toilet bowl is to use the free lid included with every toilet. Sure it is easier to leave the lid up, but this simple safety feature can save you many headaches and prevent small children from tossing toys, socks, and other items into the bowl.

When you are faced with a clogged toilet, the best choice is to call in the professionals from Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain at 612-340-1444. We will get the clog cleared quickly and cost-effectively so that you don’t need to worry about a flood of dirty water in your home.