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Why You Need A Water Softener?

Having hard water might be something that you have gotten used to over the years, or it could be something that you never experienced until moving to the Minneapolis area. It is crucial to understand what hard water is and the costly damage that it can be causing to your home and your body. Regardless of the reason for your interest in water softeners, the one thing that you know for sure is that the team at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains will provide you with the best pricing and highest quality installation and service in the region.

What Is Hard Water

All water contains some minerals, including calcium and magnesium. And when that content exceeds 7 grains per gallon or 120 mg/L, the water is classified as hard. A water softener system is used to decrease the amount of these minerals in the water and their potential damage to your home’s plumbing and your body. Some of the most common indications of hard water include:

  • Staining – Hard water is loaded with dissolved minerals and metals that can create unsightly stains in your sinks, tubs, and toilets. And equally as annoying is the white, scaly build-up that appears on your faucets and other water fixtures. In addition to the visual issues, the stains can quickly ruin the finish on porcelain bowls. At the same time, the white scale clogs and erodes your water fixtures.
  • Scale Spots – Nothing is worse than taking a glass out of the dishwasher to see it covered in scale spots. And while the dishes are not really dirty when they have scale and lime spots, they don’t look all that clean either. Unfortunately, the issue is not limited to just dishes. It will also form on glass shower enclosures, inside appliances, and in your home’s water lines.
  • Dingy Laundry – Hard water decreases the cleaning ability of detergent and soap. And it creates a residue that leaves your clothing and linens dull, grey, rough, and faded. But worst of all can be the sour smell of laundry that has just been cleaned in hard water.
  • Dry Skin And Hair – If you have noticed your skin is dry, flaky, and itchy, the cause could be due to nothing more than hard water. Long-term contact can also result in a build-up of residue and film on your skin that will cause pimples, a skin rash, blocked pores, blackheads, and even inflammation. And hard water is equally abusive to your hair, making it limp, dull, and brittle. With prolonged washing in hard water, your hair will be coated with mineral film and shampoo residue, leaving it feeling heavy and dirty all the time.


If you are experiencing any of these issues and believe that the culprit is your home’s hard water, call 612-340-1444 to schedule an appointment with a pro from Paul Bunyan Plumbing &Drains. We offer free no-obligation price quotes and a complete warranty on our installation and your home’s new water softener system.

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