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Water Line Repair: Common Causes and Signs of Water Line Damage | Minneapolis, MN

No living thing can survive without water, and the same can be said about your home. Without water, you would not cook, clean, or even bathe. The above also explains why your water bill takes up a significant portion of your utility bills.

Getting water is not enough; the water should be clean and uncontaminated. If you find that your water is sometimes discolored or has a nasty smell, it might be contaminated, and water contamination can mean that your water line is compromised.

To avoid a situation where your water gets tainted because of water line problems, here is all the information you need to know about your water line.

5 Signs Your Water Line is Damaged

1. Low Water Pressure

When your water main is leaking, you will notice a decrease in the water pressure within the house or office. The pressure does not decrease at once but does so gradually as the leak gets more prominent. The pipe loses water before it can get to the house hence reducing water pressure when faucets are opened.

A blocked water pipe could also be a reason why you have reduced pressure. Minerals can accumulate over time and restrict the flow of water in the main water line, necessitating a water line repair service.

2. Discolored Water

If you turn on your faucets and discolored water comes out, it could be an indication that the water main is rusted. Previously, water pipes were made of iron, which oxidizes and rusts over time. If you have a house over two decades old, you might have experienced this.

But in the last decade, companies have been making water pipes with copper, which is resistant to oxidation. Discolored water can also be a result of dirt seeping into the water main through a crack. If you have discolored water, it is time to call in for a repair service.

3. Unexplained High Water Bills

If you have noticed your water bill is getting higher every month, it could mean there is a leak. It could be leakage within the house, or it could be in the water main. After ruling out all other possibilities, such as a faulty faucet, it could be time to call a professional to handle the water line repair.

4. The Pooling of Water on Your Lawn

One of the common signs of a leaking water line is a lawn full of unexplained water puddles. There might be no puddles, but you might notice that the grass is extra green over the area where the water main is. This could mean that the area is receiving more water than the rest of the lawn. To avoid this wastage, call an expert immediately for water line repair and inspection.

5. Cracks in the Foundation

If the water line is faulty and has a hole or crack, water seeps into the surrounding ground and eventually penetrates your home’s foundation. The soil will expand when wet and contract when it dries. The expanding soil can cause the foundation slab to push upwards, eventually leading to the formation of cracks.

Top Reasons Your Water Line is Leaking

Having an understanding of the potential causes of a water leak can give you more insight into common water line repairs. Below are a few reasons why water lines start leaking;

1. Lousy Installation

If an incompetent contractor installed the waterline, you can be sure it will fail prematurely. They could have decided to use substandard materials in a bid to reduce costs, and this will cost you in the future. Substandard work does not just apply to water line installation but also subsequent water line repair after installation. Always shop around for reputable water line repair contractors in Minneapolis, MN.

2. Soil Shifting Under the Surface

When the water lines are being laid, it’s assumed that they will stay in place. However, this is not always the case. The soil surrounding the lines could shift because of various reasons, one of them being soil erosion at the perimeter of the house. The shifting ground can cause undue pressure on the water lines underground.

3. Wear and Tear

Regardless of the environment, every water line will, at some point succumb to elements. Most water lines are made from copper, iron, or PVC, and they all have an expiry date. With time they will start to degrade. However, with proper water line repair and regular inspections, you can get a few extra years from the pipes.

4. Frozen Pipes

There is a good chance that you have experienced a lack of water at some point during winter because the water line was frozen. It is not uncommon for the incoming water to freeze in the pipe when temperatures are extremely low. And when water freezes, it expands. Your water line might not expand at the same rate, causing it to crack or burst. When the water in the pipes thaws, the line develops a leak in that area.

5. Root Intrusion

Roots can cause significant damage to your water line because they not only grow fast but also expand precariously. The roots will slowly penetrate the line through a small hole, compromising the integrity of the waterline. Water will start leaking out of the hole or crack, and you will begin experiencing reduced water pressure and increased water bills.

6. Excess Water Pressure

While having high water pressure is a good thing, too much of it could strain the waterline. The materials used to make the waterline are only meant to withstand pressure up to certain levels, past which they can burst. If you are concerned about the water pressure in the pipes, you can call an expert in water line repair to measure it.

There is a solution to every problem. If you have noticed any of the signs listed above, you will need an expert for a professional water line repair service. If you’re looking for reliable services in Minneapolis, MN, look no further than Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drains, offering locals around the clock emergency plumbing services. Contact them today!

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