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Summer Water Saving Tips

Summer Water Saving Tips

We all know that water is a vital natural resource in Minneapolis/St. Paul area and across the country. However, with increasing drought conditions in many places, it is up to everyone to do their part to save water. The water experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains have created a list of simple yet effective ways to save water this summer, help protect the planet, and keep your water bill as reasonable as possible.

Make The Most Of Your Watering Budget

Everyone loves the look of a lush green lawn and healthy landscape. But it is also essential to be mindful of when you are watering to get the most benefit possible from the water you are providing to your lawn and garden. Watering in the early morning or evening eliminates as much evaporation as possible to allow your plants and grass to enjoy the most benefit from the water you provide. You might also want to plant more drought-tolerant selections that will thrive with less water.

Check For Toilet Leaks

A leaking toilet tank can waste up to 100 gallons of water daily. And the worst part is that you will never know about this significant water loss unless you take 30 minutes to perform a simple test. First, place several drops of food coloring in the holding tank on the toilet. Do not use the toilet for 30 minutes, then check the color of the water in the toilet bowl. If the colored water has leaked from the tank to the bowl, you need to replace the flapper assembly to stop the leak. If you are unsure how to make this repair, call 612-340-1444 for assistance from the licensed plumbers at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains.

Stop Hand Washing Dishes

Most people are thrilled to hear they should no longer be hand washing dishes! But the numbers are in, and to wash a whole load of dishes in the machine will use around 3 gallons of water, provided it is an Energy Star-rated dishwasher. The same number of dishes would require about 27 gallons of water to hand-wash.

Stop Hand Washing Your Car

Unless you have a classic car or one that is very delicate, a carwash is the best way to keep your ride looking great. Hand washing a car at home will use roughly 100 gallons of water. However, when you use a drive-thru carwash, that number drops to about 40 gallons per wash. And with a little research, you might be able to locate a carwash in your area that recycles the rinse water with a purification system to use significantly less fresh water per carwash.

Use Free Water

In addition to watering your lawn and garden in the morning or evening, you can reduce your water usage even more with a rain barrel. The barrel is placed under your home’s downspout to capture the rainwater from your roof. Then you can use that water for watering plants and grass.

To learn more about saving water this summer or to request a service call to repair a water line leak at your home, call Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains at 612-340-1444.

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