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Schedule a Visit or Call in a Panic, We’ll Take Good Care of You Either Way

We’re available for plumbing repair work twenty-four hours a day, but you can also plan for routine or urgent visits at your convenience. Either way, we’re here to take care of you and make sure your home’s plumbing is functioning well. We make sure that high-drama emergencies are de-escalated and follow up with additional care as needed, and we make sure that repairs and drain issues are identified when we visit so that you can avoid urgent plumber visits as much as possible.

Drain Cleaning — Our Speciality

It’s a privilege to serve you twenty-four hours a day, every day of the year. When we arrive quickly to take care of your plumbing repair emergencies, you’ll appreciate our careful, considerate style. We are especially good at drain cleaning, where we make sure that your drain and sewer piping is flowing as freely as possible, which helps avoid further blockages from accumulating material later on.

Sinks, Dishwashers, Garbage Disposals

There are many smaller plumbing issues in your home that we can help with and even get off your DIY list with a professional repair. We use the latest techniques and materials, check for any related issues in nearby piping and drains, and of course, we can take care of much of your list in one visit. There’s no reason to wait or avoid using fixtures in your home that need repairs — just call Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains.

Many Repair Calls? Maybe an Inspection Is a Good Idea

If your home has had numerous plumbing issues, from drain problems to faucet issues and leaky pipes, it might be time to do an overall survey and see what the condition of your plumbing really is. We perform an objective, comprehensive review of the type of pipes used, condition of fixtures, age of your home, and current plumbing standards. Even if we don’t find pressing problems, we can help you build a five-year plan of upgrades and updates, and answer any questions you have about whether your plumbing will support new appliances or fixtures and other modern equipment.

We Double-Check Our Work

A Paul Bunyan repair is one that works because we’re excellent plumbers, and because we check our work to make sure it’s top quality. We follow checklists to make sure that everything is clean, tight, done to professional standards, and ready for you to resume using your household plumbing and fixtures. We don’t make you perform our quality tests for us after we leave (if you know what we mean).

Repair or Replace? As Experts, We Can Help You Choose

If your pipes lead to equipment that’s seen better days, instead of just a plumbing repair we may suggest a replacement or updating your piping and equipment. We’re the ones to turn to for help selecting, and installing new appliances and fixtures with competitive pricing — a single source for all your plumbing needs from emergencies to simple advice.

Water Filtration Systems Repair and Maintenance

For whole-house or under-counter water filtration systems, we provide maintenance and fix filter system leaks, fitting, or pipe problems. Since they are under constant water pressure, maintenance is an important issue to prevent urgent plumbing repairs. We’re ready to make preventive repairs and also provide systems tuned to local water if needed.

We Simplify Messy Leak Plumbing Repairs Using High-Tech Equipment

Audio-based leak detection and location equipment makes our job a lot easier and less messy when we’re looking for leaks in walls, floors, or under concrete slabs. It’s a plumbing repair that can be a real pain, now often reduced to a quick cut where needed and a localized pipe repair. No more messy hunting and guessing before the leak, still causing damage, is found.

Use Your Fixtures Again

If you’ve been putting off plumbing repairs and living without all the features your home has because you were concerned about the cost of leak repair, this might be the time to reconsider. We can help you turn them back on and enjoy that fountain, guest bathroom, or other convenience.

Sewer Line Problems — Catch them Early

When multiple drains are slow, you’re getting backflow into your basement, or you have other concerns that may point to sewer problems, call us right away. We have the tools and solutions to diagnose and repair sewer problems with a minimum of fuss and disruption, not to mention the cost. Our video cameras, hydro-jetting equipment, targeted sewer repair techniques, and expert skills combine to give you peace of mind now, and for decades to come when the job is done.

Wells and Septic System Concerns

And septic system plumbing repairs benefit significantly from local knowledge. As your local plumber, we know how to test for problems likely to occur in this area and repair systems as needed.

Water Heater Disasters

Hopefully, your water heater problem hasn’t progressed to a basement flood or tankless water heater disaster. We are ready to repair or replace these devices, tending to their heaters, piping, and the tank itself, and replacing them if needed.

Diagnosis and Plumbing Repair, Even Overnight

When you’re up in the night and you’ve got a plumbing problem, you may not be awake enough to describe exactly what’s wrong — call us anyway. We’ll come, diagnose, and fix your problems fully conscious because that’s what we do. By the light of day, we can help you arrange any further repairs or updates that your plumbing may need for the long term.

We’re Your Connection for Quality Plumbing and Expertise in St. Paul, MN

As local plumbers, we help keep your home up to local standards and make sure that, whether you’re entertaining or traveling, you can trust that your plumbing is reliable. Keep our number handy and call Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains serving St. Paul, MN at 612-340-1444..

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