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Providing Plumbing Services for You Makes a Satisfying Job for Us: Insights from Your Trusted Minneapolis, MN Plumber

Taking care of your plumbing in Minneapolis, MN is not just a job for us. So, why do plumbers do what they do? Let’s talk about our services and why we love our jobs as plumbers. Most people call us and have one thing on their mind: getting their plumbing functioning right. That makes sense, as plumbing is a part of life that is out of sight and out of mind as long as it’s working. But those calls are what make our day.

Sewers and Drains

Let’s start with the smelliest. Being a plumber can be a fairly dirty job at times, and sometimes the problems we encounter are interesting. Nature just has its way of making the plumbing that exits your home a real challenge at times. Grease and hair can accumulate in your drain pipes and P-traps under your sinks, and the obstruction just grows and grows until the water stops flowing. We’ve got to step in and find that tangle and remove it.

Thank goodness, these days plumbers have a selection of tools from cameras to power augers to handle it masterfully. And in your sewer pipe to the street we can see what’s going wrong, when it slows or backs up, using our cameras. We also have a lot more choices than digging up your yard and replacing the whole pipe. It’s a pleasure to have these resources and skills to offer.


Our job is a matter of excellence, too — from the quality of our work to the respect we give to our customers and their homes. When we’re called for an emergency, we take your family’s comfort and safety seriously. Our plumbers get over to your house quickly. We use our extensive experience to get to the heart of the problem, and either completely fix the problem right there, or get things in a stable state so we can come back and do the whole job effectively. We also make sure that we respect your family and your home while we’re doing the work, so you feel as comfortable as possible.

Leak Repair and Repiping

Overall plumbing maintenance, whether your plumbing is leaking or is no longer serving you well and needs replacing, is often a chance for our plumbers to work as a team. Our licensed plumbers have all been through training as a team, called apprenticeship. Some say there should be more careers formed in this way, as it helps pass on wisdom and builds confidence and character in our new colleagues.

When we repair leaks and replace pipes, we have to understand how the plumbing system works, what kinds of materials are in use, and where the likely issues are. These days we have great tools to identify leaks electronically so we don’t have to open walls and concrete to see. Still, when the job is done, big or small, your plumbing has to meet a set of community standards and our own as well.

Fixtures and Appliances

Plumbers have to keep learning, too. New materials, techniques, equipment, fixtures, and appliances keep us challenged and require us to meet technology wherever it connects to the centuries-old concept of plumbing. These days there are more faucets and appliances that have automatic valves that turn the flow on and off quickly, which can create pressure changes that are hard on older pipes. We also have to consider how your dishwasher, garbage disposal, washing machine, or automatic faucet each work, and make sure that the way they work doesn’t affect your existing plumbing such as showers and toilets. You just experience all this as a job well done, and we feel good about that.

Hot Water Heaters, Tank or Tankless

We enjoy making things right, and an important way we can do that is by preventing and, if necessary, quickly recovering from hot water tank floods. We want your hot water supply to be reliable, ensuring that every morning, everyone can get a nice, hot shower. That involves not only the sufficient capacity of a tank-based water heater and the effectiveness of a tankless one to keep water hot, but the balance between appliances and showers that lets them pull hot water in harmony.


When you decide to invest in your home here in Minneapolis, MN rather than move to a newer or bigger one, as plumbers we love getting the call to help with your new plumbing work. It’s exciting to us to offer new ideas for clients who are remodeling and to install new pipes and connections. Kitchens and bathrooms are top remodeling projects, and new and upgraded spaces may need new supply lines, too.

Incoming Water Lines

Without a solid incoming water supply line, your plumbing won’t be all that it can be. From your bathrooms to your lawn watering, you’ll feel the difference. There are things plumbers can do if you have an addition that may be drawing more water or old pipes that might not be clear anymore. Speaking of the incoming line, we always want to make sure that you know where your water shutoff is and ensure that it’s working correctly in case of emergency.

Sump Pumps

Even the littlest things count in our business, such as checking the sump pump that for many people simply sits in the basement, out of sight and out of mind, until the water table rises due to a major storm or another event. Then, when it turns on and does its work, it’s keeping the home from being flooded, something we all appreciate very much!

Hopefully, you have some idea of the story behind why we are plumbers. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains is a business, sure, but it’s also a way that we can make a big difference in Minneapolis, MN, and it’s a hands-on job that makes us proud. Give us a call to help you with your plumbing concerns and future plans at 952-209-9329, 24/7!

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