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Paul Debunks Common Plumbing Myths

I know a thing or two about myths. I’ve encountered my fair share over the years. Heck, some people even say I’m a myth. I never saw myself that way—just someone who likes to lend a helping hand. Plumbing has its fair share of myths too. But these myths are more than pieces of misinformation—they can damage your pipes and cost you money.

Drain Cleaners Are Safe

This myth’s a tough one. Everybody’s so accustomed to using chemical drain cleaners that nobody appreciates how dangerous they are.

Sure, they’ll probably eliminate the source of the clog, but their chemicals are corrosive—eating away at the pipes. Over time, the pipes might even spring leaks and need to be replaced.

Instead, use a plunger or auger whenever a clog backs up your system.

Rumbling Water Heaters Explode

This sounds like something out of a movie, doesn’t it? Well, let me assure you that your water heater isn’t ready to explode. The rumbling you hear is caused by sediment build-up inside the tank.

When your heater’s on, bubbles will rise through the sediment, creating rumbling and gurgling sounds. You should call one of my technicians at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains. They’ll service your water heater to optimize performance and minimize potential failure.

Boiling Water Helps Grease Go Down the Sink
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The boiling water will melt the grease, but it won’t change the problem. The grease will still be in your plumbing. It’ll line the pipes, cool, and harden.

The grease will catch food particles, hair, and anything else that washes down your drain. It’ll cause clogs that are thicker than Babe’s fur, but not nearly as nice.

Leaky Faucets Aren’t a Real Problem

Everybody deals with leaky faucets at one point or another. Since they’re so common and their drips are so small, most people ignore them.

Unfortunately, ignoring leaky faucets are costly in the long run. Homes with leaks waste more than 10,000 gallons of water a year.

By fixing leaks when you find them, you can save nearly 10% on your water bill.

A Brick in the Toilet Tank Will Save You Money

Even I’m not sure how this one got started. Honestly, it sounds like a scam Panhandle Pete would come up with just for the laughs.

All a brick in your tank can do is keep your toilet from flushing correctly. If you want to save money on your water bill, fix leaky faucets and flushes when you first notice them.


There are plenty of plumbing myths out there, and my team is prepared to handle all of them with real solutions. To schedule an appointment with us, call 612-340-1444.

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