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How to Naturally Manage a Bad Bathroom Smell

When your bathroom has a pesky hovering odor, the space can feel dirty even when it’s spotless. To combat this issue until a specialist can come to fix your plumbing problem, you can apply plenty of easy, natural ways to combat the stench with everyday household items. If that musty bathroom smell won’t dissipate, here are a few ways to eliminate it.  

Ways to Use Natural Deodorizers in Your Bathroom 

1. Baking Soda 

Baking soda is the most popular deodorizer for a variety of scenarios. It can leave dirty gym clothes smelling fresh when you toss some in the wash, and it can do the same for any odors coming from your plumbing. Baking soda neutralizes both acidic and basic odor molecules when exposed to them. To reap the benefits of this natural neutralizer, place an open box of baking soda in an inconspicuous place in your bathroom and change it out once a month. 

Baking soda doesn’t have the strong scent of other deodorizers, but if you want to leave a pleasant smell in your bathroom, sprinkle bath salts or a few drops of essential oil into its container. If you’d prefer a more aesthetically pleasing option, place it in a mason jar or stylish dish. As long as it remains uncovered, it doesn’t matter what is holding it.  

2. DIY Potpourri 

For a more customized approach to freshening up your bathroom, you can mix and match scent profiles with homemade potpourri. By baking the likes of Slab Leaks St-Paul, MNflowers, fruits, herbs, and spices that you may already have lying around, you can tap into their refreshing scents to distract from a pesky plumbing odor. Just switch them out every few weeks, as these natural ingredients will still have a shelf life. 

There are two routes you can go with potpourri made from scratch: baking and crockpot simmering. For the former, lay your ingredients—whether they are rose petals, orange slices, or dried herbs—on a cookie sheet and bake at a low 250 degrees. Incorporate a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil for added depth to the scent. With a crockpot, simply add ingredients to a cup of water and let it simmer in a safe spot in your bathroom for a scent boost for hours on end.  

3. Essential Oils 

If you want your bathroom smelling as fresh as a rose, your best option is using essential oils. These natural, aromatic liquids are the “essence” of a plant that contains a concentrated extract of its scent profile. While they’re typically used in perfume and soaps, essential oils can also provide an inviting ambiance when placed in a diffuser.  

A diffuser is an unobtrusive appliance that releases a diluted essential oil into the air by way of steam. If you have pets, however, make sure that the oil you use is safe for them, as some essential oils, like tea tree, are toxic to dogs and cats. For an even more low-budget approach, place cotton balls into an open glass container and soak them in essential oils. Pour a little hot water over them to diffuse the scent throughout the space.  

4. Eucalyptus Leaves 

While essential oils are a potent and compact way to approach deodorizing your plumbing, eucalyptus can be a stylish yet low-maintenance alternative to this solution. The leaves of these native Australian trees have an aromatic, refreshing smell that resonates even before extracting its essence.  

For a low-budget addition to your bathroom that taps into that spa-like ambiance, tie a handful of dried eucalyptus branches to your showerhead. When hung in your bathroom, eucalyptus works with the steam from your shower to permeate the space. For a more compact version of this option, place the dried leaves in a bowl of water.  


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