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Whole Home Water Management

Whole Home Water Management

Homeowners looking for an easy and reliable way to conserve water are excited to leak about the fantastic features of DROP products. From water softeners and filters to leak detectors and home protection valves, the DROP lineup offers all of the tools you need to reduce water use in your home and prevent costly water damage in the event of a water leak. All of the information you need is provided in real-time and can be remotely accessed to make protecting your home and the environment as effortless as possible.

Real Water Conservation Options

No one wants to be told to take a shorter shower to save the planet. However, when you install DROP water conservation tools in your home, the solutions will not impact your enjoyment of a nice relaxing shower. Instead, these devices will save water through added water fixtures and appliance efficiency. It is the behind-the-scenes way to save water, money, and the planet.

The Importance Of Your Home’s Water Quality

Most of us think in terms of our personal health and well-being when evaluating water quality. Of course, we want good-tasting water to drink. And that is a valid point. But your water quality also impacts many other aspects of your home. For example, hard water is sure to be corroding the water lines and appliances in your home. Over time, hard water will cause a massive buildup of minerals inside your water lines, restricting water flow and increasing the potential for bacterial contamination of the water. And in just 18 months, hard water can block over 70% of the water flow from the average showerhead. Finally, hard water could require more detergent to clean dishes and clothing. Research estimates that over 12 times more detergent must be used with hard water to achieve the same level of cleaning as in softened water.

The solution to these water quality issues is a DROP water softener system. These salt-based solutions are offered in various sizes to meet the needs of every household concerned about poor water quality and its impact on humans and the environment.

Eliminate Leaks And Water Damage – Forever

Experts estimate that over 20 billion dollars a year is spent in the United States to repair water damage. And many of these expenses could have been avoided with the installation of DROP leak detection monitors and home protection valves. The monitors will immediately alert your mobile device when a water leak is detected.

As a result, you will never again worry about coming home to a flooded house. In addition, with the automated home protection valve, you don’t even need to worry about getting someone to the house to turn off the water. Your DROP system does that for you as soon as a leak is detected. These innovative products save you the cost of water damage repairs, mold damage remediation, and wasted water. In addition, it helps save a significant amount of this precious limited natural resource.

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