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Drain Cleaning Services: 3 Reasons Why the Video Inspection Is Important | Minneapolis, MN

At the start of every drain cleaning service, our plumbers will perform a video inspection using various different types of equipment. The inspection will provide you with more insight as to what needs to be cleaned and where the cleaning should be concentrated. It’s a critical part of any drain cleaning service. Most plumbers will include the video inspection with the drain cleaning; however, it’s always a good idea to inquire first before you commit to anything. This way, you’ll know whether a video inspection is an added cost or not. 

With that said, if your plumber ever gives you an option to either opt-in or opt-out of a video inspection, you always want to opt-in for it. Video inspections have perfected drain cleaning services. With this critical process, plumbers in Minneapolis, MN have been able to save a significant amount of time and resources when performing drain cleaning services. This process involves the usage of sewer cameras and in-line video drain services. If you’re ever on the lookout for drain cleaning services, you should always inquire about whether the plumbers will perform a video inspection. Here are 3 ways that a video inspection will improve the overall drain cleaning process and make your life easier.

#1. It Helps Make Cleaning More Efficient

A video inspection helps make the drain cleaning service a lot more efficient. With a video inspection, plumbers are able to accurately and precisely determine the area that needs to be cleaned and the type of issue that might have caused the clog. For example, a video inspection can clearly show whether the clog is due to soap scum or mineral deposit accumulation. With this information, our plumbers are able to accurately determine what type of cleaning solution to use and whether extra effort or resources need to be devoted to a specific area. By pinpointing which specific areas need more resources and attention, our plumbers will do a much better job. 

A video inspection at the start of the drain cleaning will take out all of the guesswork. The plumbers will know exactly what they’re facing and where the issue is located. This is also particularly important in cases where some of the sewer or water line may need to be dug up and replaced. Taking out the guesswork means that our plumbers will dig at the right place from the start and that you won’t have to incur any excessive digging costs. It’s a win-win for both parties! Having to return your property back to its original condition after digging it up can be a lot of work if you’re just digging on a hunch. 

#2. It Provides an Approximate Condition of the Drains

A drain cleaning video inspection will give you an approximate idea of the condition of your drains, so you know whether or not they need to be replaced. This is why regular drain cleaning services during maintenance can help you determine the amount of life that your plumbing still has and whether you need to start putting money away for replacement services. 

This will also help you take proactive measures in making sure that you replace the plumbing before it collapses or becomes a larger problem. Some homeowners have even used the video inspection as a way to increase the value of their home when they are looking to sell it. They are able to show potential buyers that the plumbing is in great condition and that they won’t have to worry about leakages or replacement costs in the near future. The cost of replacing a plumbing system can be tens of thousands of dollars. This could also make their home a lot more attractive to some buyers who are hoping to reduce as much headaches in the future as possible. 

#3. It Detects Small Problems Before They Become Impossible to Fix

It’s almost impossible to detect small problems before they worsen. Most of the time, homeowners only realize that there’s a problem when the problem has magnified and become a huge issue. For example, it’s almost impossible to detect small leaks. The only time that most homeowners notice that there’s a leak is when there’s a huge spike in their water bill or they start to see water stains on their ceilings or walls. By this time, the cost of repairing these small problems will have grown exponentially. Water damage to the structural foundation of a home can lead to devastating consequences.

A video inspection can help identify these small problems. This will give you time to make a decision on whether you want to repair the problem before it gets worse. For example, if there’s a really small leak, you may want to patch it up or even replace that section of the plumbing depending on its condition. This will help you avoid larger expenses and messes in the future. It will also help reduce disruptions to your home life. 

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