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Do You Need A Carbon Filter With A Water Softener?

Most residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area will quickly tell you that there is no such thing as water that is too pure. Clean, contaminant-free drinking water is a must for good health. So homeowners invest a great deal of time and money to ensure that the water in their homes is pure and odor-free for a refreshing drink right from the faucet. But in most cases, that outstanding water quality requires some assistance from a water softener and carbon filter.

Water Softening VS. Water Filtration

When you install a water softener at your home, the purpose is to remove the minerals that cause scale and damage your home’s water lines and fixtures. Those minerals are also responsible for the taste and odor that many consumers find unappealing. However, the water softener does nothing to remove any other contaminants in the water.

Water filtration is the process that removes particles and contaminants from your water. The level of filtration and the size of the particles removed varies depending on the type of filter you have installed and the filtration process it uses. Some of the standard filtration processes include adsorption, ion-exchange, micron-filtration, catalytic conversion, and oxidation. UV lights are used to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and cysts for purification on a microbial level.

Why Add A Carbon Filter?

The carbon filter is installed on the water supply line before it enters the water softener. The added benefit of the carbon filter is that it removes chlorine and other impurities from the water before it enters the water softener. As a result, this simple filtration device increases the purity of the water before it is softened and extends the life of the water softener and all of the other components in your home’s plumbing system.

The Benefits Of Water Filtration

Many consumers question the purity of city water supplies. And if that is a concern for you, then water filtration is a perfect option. The water purity experts at Paul Bunyan are happy to discuss your goals for a water filtration system and assist you in selecting the unit.

Thanks to a professionally installed water filtration system, you will enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Safe, pure water throughout your home
  • No more lugging costly bottled water home from the store
  • No more harmful plastic bottles in landfills, so you are helping the environment
  • Reduced plumbing issues
  • Filtered water is healthier for your skin and hair
  • You need less soap to wash clothing and dishes using filtered water
  • The water will taste and smell better, so everyone in your house will drink more water which improves their overall health and wellness

Call 612-340-1444 to speak to the Paul Bunyan water purification experts if you have any questions about water filtration and softening systems. We offer many reliable options that will provide you with pure, softened water that will benefit everyone in your household and your home’s plumbing system. And be sure to check out our coupons page for any discounts that might apply to your purchase and installation.