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3 Signs That Your Water Line May Need Repair | St. Paul, MN

Many homeowners don’t think of their water line often. After all, they don’t see their water line, and it’s not a common topic that comes up in conversations. Unfortunately, your water line will still have a certain lifespan, and since it is located outside, it is exposed to many environmental and elemental factors. It’s not uncommon for things, like tree roots, to slowly penetrate and break into the water line.

Even when this has happened, many homeowners don’t realize the extent of the damage until it’s too late. They may think that other parts of the plumbing has started to fail without realizing that what they really need is some type of water line repair service. They may think that they need to replace their plumbing fixtures or that they have a leak inside their home when that simply isn’t the case.

The truth of the matter is that it’s not easy to diagnose any plumbing problem yourself. You simply don’t have the expertise nor the equipment to make a sound judgement. It’s also true that signs of damage to the water line may also appear like other types of plumbing issues. Here are 3 signs that you may have a damaged water line and may need to call a plumber to inquire about the type of water line repair services that they offer.

#1. A Significant Decrease in Water Pressure

A telltale sign that there’s something wrong with your water line is that the water pressure keeps decreasing. We’re not talking about a slight decrease either. If the water line is damaged, this means that a significant amount of water is leaking out into the ground and not entering your home.

The decrease in water pressure will be so significant that you’ll find yourself struggling to wash dishes or flush the toilet properly. There simply won’t be enough water coming out of your pipes. The most common water line repair service recommended to solve this would be to either replace the water line at that area or to patch it up.

With that said, a significant decrease in water pressure may not necessarily mean that your home needs a water line repair service. A significant decrease in water pressure can also be caused by many other things, like faulty fixtures, a broken pressure regulator, closed valves, clogged pipes and corroded plumbing. Our licensed technicians will determine what the cause of the decrease in water pressure may be, and will determine whether a water line repair service is needed.

#2. Wet Places and Spots on Your Property

If you constantly find damp, soggy spots on your property, like in the front yard or backyard, despite there not being any rain for some time, it may also be an indication that the water line is damaged nearby. This usually means that the water service line is cracked or deteriorated at that area and needs to be patched up or replaced.

The best thing that you can do is to keep track of where all of the wet spots are. Keep an eye on them to see if they persist for long and whether they worsen or improve overtime. Then, call a licensed plumber and have them come out to take a look at the situation. If your hunch is correct, then you’ll need to get some type of water line repair service immediately.

It’s important to note that the longer that you wait, the more the problem will worsen. It’s always a good idea to get the water line repair service that is needed sooner rather than later.

#3. A Significant Increase in Your Water Bill

Many licensed technicians and plumbers always say that you should call a professional if you see an increase in the water bill. If you see a significant increase in the water bill, it may be a sign that water line repair services are needed. We’re not talking about a small increase. A small increase may be a leaky faucet or a small leak. When the water line is damaged, a good amount of water will be leaking out, so you should see a significant increase in your water bill. We’re talking several hundred, if not thousand, of dollars.

This is another reason why it’s important to call one of our technicians inn the Minneapolis – St Paul area  as soon as possible. The longer that you wait, the more you’ll be paying out of your own pockets. Not only will you be paying for the significant increase in the water bill, but you’ll also be paying for water damage to your property and to the water line. These costs can easily stack up.

If you wait, the water leaking out of the water line can cause significant structural damage to the foundation of your home. You may end up having to replace the foundation entirely. This could cost anywhere from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Getting the water line repair services that are needed in a timely manner will be a much cheaper option.

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