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Boiler Installation and Service

A boiler uses heat to turn water into steam as a way of warming your home similar to furnaces or traditional heaters. Boilers were first used in the 1700s as an early way of powering machines and even in transportation. Much like boilers back then, boilers today create warmth by converting water to steam using heat. That is where the name boiler comes from. Boilers are effective because air doesn’t hold heat well, and water is difficult to move. Steam eliminates both of these problems and can be the right choice for home heating.

Installation of Your Boiler System

If a boiler is the home heating option you choose, you can count on Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains for an easy installation at a fair price. Sometimes repairing a broken boiler can be more expensive than replacing it with a new model. This same logic applies to other parts of the boiler system that may fail. Our team of well-trained and experienced experts will look over your system in order to help you make the right decision in repairing or replacing it. Some other reasons to replace are as follows:

  • Safety – old systems could be dangerous, in this case, a refresh to the system is highly recommended
  • Repair Frequency – older systems will need to be repaired more frequently than new ones, so sometimes replacing is worth not dealing with repeated, small repairs
  • Future Life of System – in some cases a new system will put you at peace of mind like if an older family member lives far away and you want to make sure the system lasts them
  • Repair Cost – older systems can be pricey to repair if the parts are harder to find and work on compared to a newer system
  • Energy Efficiency – a newer system can be far more efficient and show a drastic difference in your monthly bill

Our service experts will happily help you to make the right decision for you. We can take all factors into consideration like boiler age, repair cost, and how much could potentially be saved with the newer boiler system. Some modern systems have actually received an ENERGY STAR rating that ensures the end result with being a system that you can be happy to use because of the efficiency.

Common Boiler Repairs

Common boiler problems can be minor or serious. One of the most common problems is kittling. Kettling is a loud banging or rumbling sound that you will hear coming from the boiler. This can be a much more serious problem, and it should be handled with urgency. You should immediately call a technician to investigate the noises.

Another common problem that people have is leaking or dripping. When the leak is coming directly from the boiler’s tank, you can be facing a far bigger problem than just a leaky faucet in the kitchen. A leaky boiler tank is more often than not caused by corrosion and will most likely require a full tank replacement. If your leak is coming from a pressure relief valve or a pump, you are looking at a far cheaper repair. Condensation is sometimes the culprit and turns the nightmare of a leaky boiler into something to laugh at.


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