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What You Should Consider Before Underground Water Line Repair | St. Paul, MN

The thought of needing underground water line repair can chill any home or business owner to the bone. Between the potential costs and the inconvenience, it can quickly become overwhelming for anyone. The final cost of the job depends on many separate factors. There are a few things you should think about before you contact a plumbing service for water line repair.

Water line repair is a complex endeavor. For something as important as your plumbing, you need an experienced professional. In St. Paul, MN, Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains offers a comprehensive list of professional plumbing services for residential and commercial property.

A water line issue can cause many problems for a building owner. It is crucial to consider what could be affected.

Underground Water Line Problems

The problem might not be on your end of things. A leaking water main under the street may be causing your trouble. Where the leak is has a lot to do with the cost of water line repair. This kind of issue can cause permanent damage. It can also harm the water supply when you have a service pipe that is leaking underground.

Inside the home, leaking pipes can destroy your hardwood floors. It can cause irreparable damage to your walls, furniture, and important possessions. Treasured heirlooms can quickly meet their end due to water line repair issues.

You can experience outside problems as well. If you have water leaking from a service pipe that is under high pressure, underground erosion can create a sinkhole.

Proper installation of the right pipes is crucial to the performance of your plumbing system. Even if you have completed DIY projects in the past, do not try to do your own water line repair.

Things to Do Before Underground Water Line Repair

If you think you might have a water line problem, there are some factors you should consider before getting to the actual repair work. The total cost of your repair job will depend upon several different things, so find out all you can before you call for repair work.

Where Is Your Water Supply Line Issue?

Your main water supply line is made of tough material. However, things can occur to compromise its integrity. It can become weakened in certain places. Tree roots can damage your water lines when they grow into them. Even the type of piping used for your supply lines is a factor.

If you live in an older home, you may not have copper water supply pipes. Throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and much of the 1960s, lead pipes were used as water supply lines. This usage ended in the late 1960s and early 1970s, as health problems from the lead piping were becoming widespread.

Before you have a professional repair your water line, you should locate the problem. To avoid wasting time and money digging where it isn’t necessary, it is important to find out which water supply line needs repair.

Do You Have Any Obstructions or Blockages?

This is one issue that can contribute greatly to the cost of your repair. Both factors can impair the repair process, making it harder to accomplish.

Blockages in your water lines create an extra problem for St. Paul, MN plumbers. They can make it harder to access the water main leak and add more time to the job. Tree roots and stumps are common culprits, causing additional problems for your repair technician.

Also, consider whether you have concrete or bedrock that requires the use of a jackhammer before repairs begin. This will add time to the repair schedule and increase the cost of the work.

What Is Your Flow Rate and Water Pressure?

You should consider the performance of your plumbing system. If you have noticed a low water pressure or diminished flow rate, you can be sure that there is a water line leak somewhere.

You should check to see what kind of water flow pressure you have throughout the house. If there is only an issue in one section of the house, it may be an isolated issue. This would likely be a less expensive repair job.

What Are Some Other Signs You Need Water Line Repair?

Failure of your water line can show itself in several ways. If you are alert to the signs, you can spot a water line issue more quickly.

Listen to the sounds your pipes are making. Every tap makes a certain amount of noise, which is normal. But if you notice a rumbling sound or a whistle coming from your water pipes, you should call your licensed plumber for assistance.

You may hear a chattering noise from your water main. This could be caused simply from someone running the water inside. But if no water is being used at that time, you are probably hearing the sound of leaking water.

A gurgling sound coming from your water lines could be a sign that you have a busted water line underground. You should contact your professional plumbing service to have them inspect your plumbing system.

Do You Really Need a Professional Plumber for Underground Water Line Repair?

This is one question that every homeowner wants to know the answer. There are many factors that go into the answer, but the short answer is simply yes.

Only a licensed professional plumber will have the knowledge, training, and on-the-job experience needed to handle a problem this major. Never trust your plumbing system to an amateur, no matter how good they claim to be.

Why? Well, the first thing is the quality of the workmanship, which was just mentioned. Next, there is the amount of time you and your family will be inconvenienced by the work.

You need a professional plumber in charge to ensure that the work will be done right the first time. That way, you and your family can quickly get back to your normal lifestyle.

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