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Water Saving Tips During the Winter

When residents of Hastings and Stillwater think about water conservation, the focus is typically on the increased water consumption during the summertime. Of course, everyone wants lush grass and landscape, and that means providing supplemental water to create your green oasis. However, it is just as vital to think about ways to save water and money in the wintertime. And the plumbing pros at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains are here to provide some helpful tips to control your home’s water bills this winter.

Be Mindful Of How You Warm Up

When you return home after being out in the cold, nothing feels better than a long, hot shower. But that is not good for your body or the environment. Using a massive amount of hot water to warm up wastes water and the energy needed to create your piping hot shower. In addition, while the hot water feels good at the time, it is washing away the natural oil that keeps your skin soft and moist. So after a few hot showers, you will likely experience dry, itchy skin. So keep the temperature more reasonable as well as the length of your shower. Then dress in warm clothes and enjoy a hot drink to feel warm and cozy again.

Go Tankless

If your shower routine includes turning on the hot water and waiting several minutes to achieve the desired temperature, you are wasting a lot of water. The average showerhead provides just over two gallons of water per minute. So waiting three minutes to get into the shower wastes six gallons per shower or over 40 gallons per week. Over the year, that number jumps to just under 2,200 gallons of wasted water, which could be avoided by installing a tankless water heater.

Having hot water on demand when you turn on the shower will save you time, water, and money! Call the plumbing professionals at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains to learn more about this innovative water heater and get a price estimate for a tankless water heater for your home.

Eliminate Costly Water Leaks And Waste

Living in a cold climate, there is an increased potential for water lines to freeze and burst. So homeowners must be vigilant about protecting water lines from the cold and regularly inspecting pipes for drips and leaks due to freeze damage. In addition, the team at Paul Bunyan would like to offer some assistance in eliminating potentially costly water leaks, water damage, and the waste of this crucial natural resource. The DROP leak detector devices work with the DROP hub to monitor for water leaks in your home and alert you to any issues. These innovative sensors also monitor the temperature near your plumbing lines and provide an alert if the temperature is nearing an unsafe level. And if you are not at home, the DROP leak detector can even turn off the water to prevent catastrophic damage to your home.

Call the experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain at 612-340-1444 to learn more about the DROP system, tankless water heater installation, and other ways to save water this winter.

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