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Tips for Avoiding Plumbing & HVAC Headaches in the New Year

Tips for Avoiding Plumbing & HVAC Headaches in the New Year

Babe and I have been working together for a long time. We were loggers together. We drilled for oil together. We even discovered the Whirling Whimpus together. Now, we’re teaming up again to provide legendary service and solutions to our neighbors across Minneapolis, MN. Together, we’ve compiled some tips to help you avoid common plumbing and HVAC in the new year.

What Are Common Plumbing Problems You Can Avoid?

I love more than my fair share of bacon, but you shouldn’t dispose of its grease—or any grease—down your drains. It’ll cause clogs by sticking to the sides of pipes, narrowing them.

Babe and I once encountered a thick logjam blocking the Mississippi River. Clogs like that can not only happen to your drains but also to your garbage disposal. Coffee grounds, bones, banana and potato peels, rice, and shrimp shells should be thrown in the compost or trash, not down the disposal.

You can also avoid clogs by using drain guards. They’ll catch excess food or hair and keep your pipes clear.

Speaking of pipes, we all know how cold Minnesota gets. Frozen and burst pipes are common during the winter. The best way to avoid it is by insulating both outdoor and indoor pipes. The thermal barrier created by the insulation will limit your heat transfer and save you money on your energy bills. On really cold nights, leave the cabinet doors open under sinks on outside walls.
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You should also be careful of chemical cleaners. They’re caustic and will damage pipes over time. This even applies to drop-in toilet cleaners. Their chemicals are corrosive, creating damage that might void your warranty.

If you’re having trouble with your systems, reach out to a plumbing technician. Now, if you’re having some HVAC problems, let me hand you over to my friend, Babe.

What Are Common HVAC Problems You Can Avoid?

Hi there, folks. Babe here. One of the most common HVAC problems is the easiest to fix: lack of maintenance. Clean or replace the filters of your furnace and air conditioner, even in seasons when they’re not in use.

The evaporator and condenser coils will get dirty with debris and grime. Cleaning them will ensure the unit functions all season long.

The fan blades also need to be cleaned routinely. When they get dirty, they spin slower, causing stress on the motor.

Have your air conditioner serviced in the spring ahead of the summer, and your heating system serviced in the fall to make sure it’s working in the winter. Winters are longer without proper heating—that’s how I got my blue fur, after all.

Often, furnace problems are solved by checking your thermostat settings. If it’s programmable, replace the batteries. However, if you’re hearing noises coming from the furnace, it may be a problem with the motor, or the burners are dirty. Sourcing the noise will keep your furnace form a complete breakdown.


If you need help with your plumbing, my team is available at (612) 340-1444. If you need Babe’s help with your HVAC systems, reach out to him at 952-208-4570.

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