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Signs and Symptoms Calling For Water Line Repair | Minneapolis, MN

Your water line is the primary conduit for the public water supply to reach your property. It plays a crucial role in supplying your Minneapolis, MN home with water, and carries a substantial amount of water. If there’s an issue with your water supply, it can cause significant issues. Some of the signs that your water line has been damaged include the below:

·       Water pooling in your yard

Water that’s pooling in your yard can be an obvious sign that your water line has been damaged. Water pooling in the street outside your home can also be an indicator of water line damage that needs repair. To be sure, it’s best to seek the advice of a professional water line repair specialist to determine the cause of the excess water on your property.

·       Water inside your home

You may have started to notice subtle pools of water collecting under sinks or within walls. Water inside your home may be caused by internal plumbing issues such as faulty pipe seals, but it can also be a sign of a more severe water line leak. A routine plumbing inspection can help you to nip problems in the bud and avoid long-term damage to your Minneapolis, MN property.

·       Low water pressure

Another noticeable symptom that may be required is low water pressure. If you’re losing water en route to your property’s plumbing system, low pressure is a natural, noticeable result.

·       High water bill

If you can’t see any explanation inside your Minneapolis, MN home that is causing a high water bill, a broken water line might be the reason. If you’re not using more water than usual, your internal plumbing seems ok, and your water company hasn’t changed its pricing, then a water line inspection is required.

·       Foundation cracks

Water that travels through your local water line does so at a forceful pressure. If your water line is leaking, it is continually exposing your foundation to this pressure, and over time, your foundation can become damaged from the continual, powerful force of water.

As many as 10% of homes in the United States waste gallons of water because of leaks. Corrosion can damage your pipeline leading to problems that require a water pipe repair service. If unchecked, this can waste water, increase your water bills unnecessarily, and even lead to burst water lines and extensive flood damage.

Moisture from water line leaks can absorb into building materials, from the foundation and work its way through your insulation, wood panels, and wallpapers. Prolonged exposure to moisture can create the perfect breeding ground for fungi and spores and a reduction in air quality in your home. Delaying plumbing inspections that may help you to identify if water line repair is needed can lead to consistent mold problems.

Mold, mildew and asbestos can be invisible to the naked eye. Still, prolonged exposure can cause respiratory issues, allergies, sore eyes, and rashes, especially if your home does not have an adequate ventilation system. Poor air quality in your home can lead to infections and allergies that require multiple trips to the doctor, increasing your medical bills. Not a commonly thought of side effect if you have a water leak that needs repair, but nonetheless something that can be avoided with swift water line repair.

Almost any water pipe is susceptible to corrosion, whether it’s a water line pipe or another pipe leading into your home. Not having a regular maintenance schedule will increase the likelihood of severe deterioration of your water pipes. Pipes affected by rust and corrosion reduce the quality of your water supply as the rust gradually mixes with your water supply. While rust is not dangerous to consume, water that contains rust is more likely to harbor mold and bacteria that can cause health issues for you and your family. Discolored water is also a sign that water line repair is required. A professional inspection by Paul Bunyan can save your water pipe from unchecked, irreparable damage.

Another leak-related issue that you might experience if you have a damaged water line is contaminated water.

Naturally, if you have been avoiding water line repair costs and are looking to sell your Minneapolis, MN property, you will see a reduction in the value of your home that is more costly than the repair price. If not repaired on time, the damage a burst water line can do can be so severe that remodeling or extensive repairs are required. A burst water pipe can cause your property to flood, so not only will you be dealing with the cost of the replacement water pipe, but you will also incur the expenses associated with flood cleanup.

Even if not entirely broken, a damaged water pipe can lead to unsightly stains and off putting smells in and around your home. In extreme cases, this will lead to remodeling required by existing or potential homeowners, all as a result of not completing a water line repair. A broken water line naturally affects your home’s resale value. To make sure you’re getting the most of your property value, we advise regular plumbing and water pipe inspections to help with the early detection of issues with your water line.

When it comes to repairs, Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain believes in giving you the best work every time. We’ll treat you, your home, your water lines with respect, and we’ll be there when you need us most. We provide emergency plumbing services, including water line repair. If you’re experiencing any signs and symptoms of water line leakage, give us a call, and we’ll help you to deal with it ASAP.

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