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Should You Have a Plumber Do a Plumbing Inspection Prior to Buying a Home? | St. Paul, MN

Are you searching for a new home for your family? Perhaps you’re worried about buying a property and then finding that it has plumbing issues that end up costing you a fortune. Most buyers will inspect potential properties before deciding which home to buy. However, many people fail to get a plumbing inspection carried out. 

It’s a wise idea to scratch the surface and determine what state the property you’re considering buying is in. Having a plumbing inspection should be a top priority, as plumbing issues are often difficult or expensive to fix. In many cases, people invest in a property only to find that they have to have their whole home re plumber after moving in. 

It’s best to find out about any plumbing issues before you put down a deposit, and it’s, therefore, a good idea to invest in a plumbing inspection. Don’t let plumbing problems immediately put you off buying, do some research to see how much a plumber would charge to carry out the necessary repairs. This will help you to make a final decision. 

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Ask for a Professional Opinion

Before buying a home, you may like to ask a plumber to check the plumbing system and fixtures and fittings, so that you know exactly what condition the water lines are in. Potential buyers often overlook serious plumbing issues as they are inexperienced. 

This will not only tell you what condition the plumbing system is in, but you’ll also be able to get an estimate for repairs. Having an inspection carried out by an experienced plumber will help you may a decision about whether or not to buy the property and will mean that you don’t end up with a home that has unexpected plumbing problems that cause you vast expenses.

Checks a Plumbing Company Can Carry Out

There are a few things that you can ask a local plumber to check, including the sewer system, plumbing lines, water heater, and water meter. Also check that the faucets, toilets and sinks and all in good working order. 

Sewer Inspection 

A plumbing company can carry out a sewer inspection using a camera to view the sanitary and storm sewer before you buy. This is advantageous, especially if you’re thinking of buying an older home or a property in a neighborhood with large trees in the yards. 

If there are mature trees in the houses yard, the tree roots have likely grown towards the sewer looking for water. This often causes damage to the sewer system as tree roots can grow against the pipes and crack them or push them apart. The only way to tell whether or not this has happened is to have a video camera inspection. 

If you’re looking at a home on a newer development, you’re less likely to have tree roots issues. However, it’s still worth investing in a camera inspection as new homes can have other sewer problems. The sewer may have been incorrectly installed and could even share the home’s foundation wall. This can cause pipes to drop, which will result in blockages and can be an expensive issue to fix. 

Check the Water Meter

Ask a plumber to check the property’s water meter. To do this, you should ensure all the faucets are closed and have a look to see if the water meter is turning. A water meter turning while the faucets are closed indicates a leak somewhere in the property that will need to be located and fixed. This could be a severe problem, especially if it’s not fixed straight away.

Water Valves

It’s also a good idea to check the water valves. A plumber can check that the main shut off valve is operating correctly. If this valve is shut off, you shouldn’t have water in the property when you turn on the faucets. The plumber can check each of the shut-off valves as well as their corresponding faucets. 

Water Heater 

A plumber will be able to look at the water heater and check that it doesn’t have any signs of corrosion. Water heater issues are usually easy to fix, but you may need to replace the water heater if there is any corrosion.

Plumbing Fixtures

The plumber will also be able to inspect all the plumbing fixtures. This includes the sinks, faucets, baths, and toilets and can look out for drips and leaks. The flow of the water can also be tested to ensure everything is working efficiently. Water should be able to flow down the sink without being delayed; if it doesn’t, this indicates that there’s a blockage somewhere in your pipes. 

Check that the toilet flushes correctly, the water should flow away, and there should be no leftovers. 

Septic System

If you’re considering a house with a septic tank, it’s essential to have it inspected to check that it’s functioning correctly. Look out for odors in the garden or waterlogged grass, as this indicates that there’s a problem with the septic system. Any septic issues will need to be resolved as soon as possible to remove health hazards. 

Plumbing and Drain Service, St. Paul, MN

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