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Same Day Water Heater Installation

There are few things that you can’t live without for a few days, but hot water is undoubtedly one of those critical things that is a must-have in your home. So when you discover that your water heater is no longer working, you need immediate assistance from a reliable and trustworthy licensed plumber. For residents of Bloomington and Hastings, the company that they know they can rely on is Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains.

The Integrity And Expertise You Need

When you find that your water heater has failed, you want to know that the company you call can be trusted to quote the same price for a same-day replacement as they would for a proactive replacement of your water heater. At Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains, we have served the community for decades and are known for our honesty and dedication to our customers. We will not take advantage of anyone who needs immediate service any more than we would recommend a service that you do not need. We have built our reputation and company on giving an honest day’s hard work for a reasonable price.

Free Estimates and Answers To Your Questions

As plumbing experts, our staff understand how both traditional and tankless water heaters function as well as the pros and cons of each unit. We also know that our customers could have many questions about one or both of these types of water heaters. Therefore, our goal is always to provide each customer with all the information they need to make a well-informed choice. After answering all your questions, our pros will provide you with complete price quotes for any water heaters you are interested in installing in your home.

The Water Heaters We Install

At Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain, our loyalty is to our customers, not a manufacturer or brand of water heaters. We want to help you determine the size, type, and brand of water heater that will best meet your needs and budget. So you never need to worry about our pros trying to influence your selection based on anything but what is best for you and your household. Instead, we hope that our stress-free, no-pressure sales approach helps you feel confident in your choice and our dedication to helping you make that section.

Our Thanks To The Community

Our team never forgets that Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drains would not be in business without the support and loyalty of our friends and neighbors in the community. As our way of saying thank you to this great community, we offer several discount coupons on some of our most popular services. Check out our coupons page to find great savings on services, installations, and for all of our senior citizen customers.

When you have no hot water, please don’t panic. Instead, call Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains team at 612-340-1444 for same-day water heater installation. We will get the job done quickly, professionally, and cost-effectively.

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