How to Improve Your Home’s Plumbing System | Tips from Your Minneapolis, MN Plumber

For homeowners in Minneapolis, MN, improving the efficiency of a plumbing system can help save water and energy. A working plumbing system ensures that your home is cozy and healthy at all times. Improving the efficiency of plumbing fixtures helps avoid running into a plumbing emergency which may be costly. Plumbing failure can be quite disastrous for any homeowner, thus the need to ensure the system is working at its best. Homeowners should invest in a contractor that will offer professional plumbing services on a regular schedule. Below are some of the ways to improve your home’s plumbing system.

Steer Away from Chemical Drainage Cleaners

Some homeowners turn to chemical drain cleaners as the first option to deal with a slow drain. Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals can corrode your pipes even if they end up unclogging your drainage system. They also create noxious fumes which may be harmful when inhaled. Additionally, the chemicals contain pollutants that may get into the soil and contaminate the groundwater, meaning that you’ll compromise the integrity of the environment and the health of multiple people. Always get bio-safe options such as fast-acting chemical-based cleaners and slower enzymatic-based cleaners. A professional can also help in manually removing the debris without using harsh chemicals. Otherwise, regular plumbing service will help prevent any clogging since you can detect and fix underlying issues.

Annual Plumbing Maintenance

To ensure your plumbing system works at its best, strive to have a plumbing maintenance appointment regularly or annually, whichever option you prefer. Some of the services you can expect during your appointment include leak repairs, sewer line inspections, and the fixing of broken parts. A professional plumber can also inspect the main water and sewer lines to ensure they are in good working condition. Additionally, a plumbing service will ensure that the pipes face no threat from corrosion or tree roots. You shouldn’t inspect these water and sewer lines on your own, all you have to do is schedule annual maintenance appointments by a skilled plumber to catch all kinds of issues. Professional plumbers will also help you keep up with emerging trends and to update fixtures in your home.

Insulate Pipes

Pipe insulation protects your plumbing from freezing during the cold season while also keeping the hot water warm. When pipes freeze, they tend to expand and cause tiny cracks that may either break open or burst. If you want to insulate your Minneapolis, MN, home pipes, you should purchase insulation sleeves of the right diameter for your pipes. Contact a professional to get the right dimensions for purchase and for installation services to improve the performance and life of your plumbing fixtures. It’s important to properly insulate pipes, especially in areas prone to below-zero temperatures. When seeking plumbing services, ensure the plumber looks at pipes in the attic, basement, crawl spaces, in utility rooms , and under sinks. The ideal insulation material is glass since it provides a better barrier against moisture, helping pipes stay dry.

Adjust Water Pressure as Required

Regulating your water pressure is essential to maximizing the efficiency of your plumbing system and saving money. If water running through your fixtures and pipes has too much pressure, cracks may start appearing before too long. This leads to leaks that may transition into a burst that may be costly to fix. Investing in water regulators helps mitigate excess water pressure and reduce the hassle of having to replace gaskets and seals. Your local plumber can help you get the appropriate pressure regulator depending on your needs. After installation, the technician may present the valve present on a water pressure regulator to a fixed setting to allow the desired quantity of water to flow through the lines. Therefore, it would be wise to seek water pressure regulation services by scheduling regular plumbing service checks.

Incorporate Hair Blockers and Drain Guards

A good way to maintain a healthy drainage system is through regular plumbing service. Homeowners should be mindful of what they put down their drains. Hair tends to clog the drainage system on your bathtub, shower, and bathroom sink drains. Hiring a professional to conduct plumbing service ensures the drainage systems in your home get proper maintenance services. Also, incorporating a drain guard on your drainage system helps reduce the amount of waste that gets washed down your sink. Homeowners in Minneapolis, MN, can install drain guards in their showers to catch loose hairs and debris that can find their way down the drain. It’s also crucial to dispose of non-dissolvable products like cooking fats, oils, and coffee grounds appropriately so that they do not clog drains and cause plumbing emergencies. Otherwise, you can pour hot water down the drains to prevent waste build up in the interior of the pipes.

Flush Only What Your Toilet Can Handle!

Homeowners occasionally cause issues with the plumbing by flushing all kinds of debris down the toilet. Avoid flushing hygienic products, diapers, cotton balls, Q-tips, and medication since they cause severe clogging. You should be on the lookout for items labeled “flushable” but are thicker compared to toilet paper. Often, these products tend to clog the sewer since they may be too large to flush down. Seeking regular plumbing service from a professional ensures your toilet is in perfect condition at all times. The expert can also guide you through on how to maintain your toilet and consequently save your sewer pipes from clogging.

Softening Water

Water that has a high mineral content may shorten your plumbing’s lifespan. Hard water has magnesium and calcium that tend to build up inside the pipes hence restricting water flow. The minerals can also corrode the pipe fittings and joints causing rust which may be harmful if ingested. An effective way to deal with hard water is by installing a water softener or adding sodium to water to counteract the minerals. Also, electronic softeners use electromagnetic pulses to dissolve minerals. One way to know if your home has hard water is through regular plumbing service from a professional. In case you opt for a sodium-based softener, install a whole-house pre-filter as well. For more on water softening and it’s benefits, contact us today!

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