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How Can Your St. Paul, MN Drain Cleaning Service Provider Save You Money and Time?

Having a clean drain is important, but why do you need to have a professional come out to your home to clean the drains on a routine basis? Many people do not recognize the benefits of having routine appointments with a drain cleaning service. Yet, this fast, one-time-a-year appointment can significantly reduce emergency costs and help you to avoid having to spend time drying out your basement.

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What Does a Drain Cleaning Service Do?

The big question many people have is why a drain cleaning team like this really matters. Most homeowners do not think much about their drains until there is a backup, or there is a break in a line. Yet, these can be avoided or reduced in frequency by simply having routine service.

A drain cleaning service is concerned with two types of systems. This includes the drain lines in the home that connect all of your faucets and toilets into the main line. The second system is your sewer line that runs from your home to the street. In any of these areas, a blockage can develop. When it does, it will, over time, make it hard for material and even water to flow through the pipes and out to the street.

How Can Drain Lines Be Cleaned?

It is a common mistake to try to do this on your own. The problem is that any type of corrosive chemical is not good for your drain lines. If you pour in drain cleaner, that may eat away at some of the blockage to get some of the water flowing. However, it does not solve the problem and will worsen it over time by damaging the pipes themselves.

A drain cleaning service does not need to use harsh chemicals like this. Instead, they can use high powered jets of water pumped through the lines properly and safely to flush out the lines. This has to be done by a professional to minimize the risk of extensive damage, though.

What Happens When You Call a Drain Cleaning Service?

When you contact a drain cleaning company, they will come to your home to provide a full inspection of the problem. To do this, they will do a visual inspection first. This can help to notice any concerns around the home or from the house to the street. The goal here is to just make sure there is no obvious damage that can be problematic.

From there, the next step is to use a camera that is fed through the drain lines to spot areas of concern. When doing this, the plumbing and drain company is looking for signs of problems. This could be:

  • Breaks in the line
  • Material that is clogging and blocking any lines
  • Material that is caked on the edges of the pipes
  • Tree roots
  • Any areas of weakening

The goal of this process is to simply learn about any concerns present before water is pushed through the system. If there is damage to a pipe, 40 feet away from the house, you don’t want to have the jetted water damage the pipe even more so. The drain cleaning service will be able to spot this using the cameras to help ensure it does not cause further damage.

Cleaning the Lines Properly

The next step is to actually clean the lines themselves. To do this, the drain cleaning service will open up the lines in a strategic location using the data they have from the video process. They will then use high powered streams of water. As this pressurized water moves through the pipes, it pushes away everything in the line. Most of the time, it does no damage to the actual pipes themselves, but it will cut away anything that is present.

This may include tree roots growing into the lines. If there are clogs or material that is blocking the flow of water, it will push through that as well, keeping all material flowing away from the home in the process. This process can be done for many of the larger lines in your home.

How Does This Type of Drain Cleaning Service Save You Money and Time?

Drain cleaning like this is very important. It allows for the lines to remain clean and flowing. If you do this on a routine basis, you will likely notice some changes in the drains themselves. This may include:

  • Water flowing into the sink and down the drain faster – there are no blockages to cause those sinks to overflow any longer.
  • The material in the pipes does not cause a blockage. That means you do not have to worry about the sewer backing up into your basement or near the foundation of your home. That’s a costly mess to clean up.
  • You can prevent tree roots from digging deeper into the pipes. When this happens, it causes the line to break and eventually cave in. That also leads to an expensive repair process.

Most importantly, you are doing what it takes to maintain your home. This is one of the steps that may take you an hour one time of the year, but when it is done, your home remains in good working condition. It does not take long or cost a lot of money to have this type of work done. Yet, it can help reduce the costs of emergency backups and repairs that may come if the drains do back up down the road. Find out more about what needs to be done when calling your plumbing service.

Are You Looking for Drain Cleaning in St. Paul, MN?

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