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Diagnosing Common Noises Telling You to Call a Plumbing Service! | Minneapolis, MN

Have you been staying up all night because of some incessant sounds coming from your plumbing? Do you hear grinding sounds, thumping sounds or other types of noises that sound like your plumbing is going through hell? If so, you’ll probably need to call a plumbing service in Minneapolis, MN to diagnose the problem and see what needs to be fixed.

Don’t let the incessant noise keep you from enjoying your home. Also, do keep in mind that the problem will only worsen if you wait. It’s easy for a small problem to become a major headache if you don’t deal with it as soon as possible. In fact, if you let some of these problems fester, they may end up damaging your plumbing permanently. Eventually, this could lead to leakages, which could cause a substantial amount of water damage to the internal structure of your home.

This article will give you a look at some of the most common diagnoses that we’ve had for some of the more common plumbing noises that people hear in their homes. This might give you an idea of the type of plumbing service that you need, as well as the ballpark cost of the repairs. Do keep in mind that the information in this guide might not necessarily give you all of the details that you need. It’s always a good idea to schedule a plumbing service in Minneapolis, MN as soon as possible to get to the bottom of the problem.

Loud Banging Sounds Similar to Drums

Does it sound like there’s a kid banging on their new drum set in your home? This sudden banging sound is often coined as a “water hammer”. It happens when a closed valve is stopping the flow of water through a pipe. If the air chambers of your plumbing are filled with water, the pressure of the water will cause that annoying banging sound that’s keeping you up at night.

Most plumbing services will recommend that you clean out the air chambers as soon as possible. This entire process is usually rather quick. It won’t take up a lot of time and it also won’t cost you an arm and a leg in order to just get some peace and quiet at night.

Annoying Gurgling Sounds that Just Won’t Stop

This sound is less of an instrument, but it can drive homeowners equally as nuts. It basically sounds like your pipes are gurgling throughout the entire day. The most common reason for this is that there is a clog somewhere. Water inside the plumbing is trying to force its way out of a small space. The gurgling that you’re hearing is essentially the air bubbles.

You should call a plumbing service to deal with this problem as soon as possible. If you don’t, the water pressure might end up damaging the pipes and causing them to leak. This can eventually take you down a long road of water damages that could cost an arm and a leg. Most services will repair this problem by figuring out where the clog is and unclogging the pipe. Once the water inside can run freely, you’ll stop hearing the gurgling sound entirely.

Ear Piercing Screeching Sounds

Another common plumbing noise that can easily drive homeowners crazy is that ear piercing screeching sound. In most cases, the cause of this sound is a defective plumbing appliance. Usually, something is loose.

If you call a plumbing service, expect the plumber to go around your house trying to find what the defective part may be. Once the part is repaired or replaced, the screeching sound may go away entirely. In general, the cost of fixing this sound will be the time it takes for the plumbers to look for the source of the sound, as well as the cost of the part (let’s also not forget the cost of completing the replacement). If the part that’s damaged is expensive, this can be a costly repair. Thankfully, in most situations, this is usually a quick and cheap fix.

Incessant Rattling and Shaking Sounds

Last but not least, another reason why many people call a plumbing service is because they hear their pipes shaking. In general, a little bit of shaking isn’t a huge problem; however, if the rattling and shaking is giving you a headache, the source of the problem is usually loose straps that hold the pipes in place.

You’ll need to look for the loose parts and try to tighten them up. This might mean screwing the parts back in place. Most homeowners are going to have difficulties with this. They also might not feel comfortable handling the plumbing themselves. This is where a plumbing service can come in handy. Most plumbers will be able to get this job done within an hour or two. You’ll finally get the peace and quiet that you deserve.

Don’t Let the Noise Get to You. Give Us a Call Now!

Your home doesn’t have to be an orchestra to unknown plumbing noises. You don’t have to hate being in your home or be forced awake at night to listen to this musical performance that’s being played by your plumbing.

Our plumbing experts can easily diagnose the problem and help you get the solution that you’re looking for with a quick plumbing service in Minneapolis, MN. Give us a call at 952-213-3643 or contact us through our online form, and we will send someone to your house as soon as possible to diagnose the situation.


If you would like some peace and quiet as soon as possible, then you can even schedule a plumbing service online. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain will work with your schedule, as we have experts that make house calls from 7:00AM to 6:00PM. Just let us know what days work best for you! If you could also include a note about the problems that you’re facing, you’ll give our experts a running start to diagnosing the problem as quickly as possible.

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