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Cutting-Edge Plumbing Services for Your Water Line Repair Needs in Minneapolis, MN

A water line repair is a serious investment. Serious health issues can occur if the clean water that flows into your home from the city’s water supply is compromised.

A slab leak is usually detected before the water line repair can be completed. Slab leaks occur for a multitude of reasons including tree roots wrapping around the pipes causing bursts and potentially damaging your home.

Elements like the depth of the water main and obstructions (stumps, concrete, earth movement) can affect how the repair is conducted and how much it will cost. Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain are the most specialized team throughout Minneapolis, MN, and the region.

Our technicians apply the most cutting-edge technology to perform water line repair in efficient and cost-effective ways. The Paul Bunyan team member takes pride in providing our customers with solutions that don’t uproot their lives.

Considerations for Slab Leaks

A major factor to consider when planning a water line repair is the age of your home or building and which types of materials they used to construct your plumbing network. American homes built shortly after World War II usually feature lead piping. In the 1970s, toxic lead plumbing was replaced with

When preparing for a water line repair it’s vital to consider the age of your plumbing system and what materials it is constructed from soft, 1-inch, copper tubing. Copper is a malleable material that lasts for decades, however, the flexible metal is costly.


A significant part of the challenge in repairing a line break. Obstructions can make locating the leak difficult. Our technicians are provided with cameras made to navigate the subterranean world of plumbing networks.

The location of the plumbing networks and the depth of the street water main make it necessary that none of the pipes are harmed by the repair. At Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drains we provide extensive information about the logistical needs of the repair. A licensed technician will guide you through every phase of the water line repair.

Another factor to take into account is the type of materials used to replace your old pipes and joints. Affordable and durable materials like PEX or PVC water supply tubing are a good bet as they offer some of the flexibility of more expensive materials like copper.

Residents of the Minneapolis, MN should invest in copper pipes if they can afford them because they withstand intensive ground frost better than the man-made counterparts. Freezing temperatures can corrode PVC and PEX.

Customer Testimonials

‘’The city cut down one of the big trees that sat along the street in front of my home. I’m not blaming the city for my plumbing troubles but it did happen at the same time.

The friendly plumber from Paul Bunyan guessed that when they cut down the tree some of its roots were wrapped around the pipes. When they cut it down the movement put stress on the pipes and there is a busted pipe.

I’ve relied on the team at Paul B.’s for ages. I wouldn’t call anybody else for this big job. They stuck to the time-line estimate and within budget. The guys who conducted my mainline repair were always prompt and respectful. Honestly, you can’t do any better than the plumbers at Paul Bunyan.”

Evan Micheals, Victory Memorial Drive Historic District, November 2019

‘’Water line repair is never something to look forward to but the men and women at Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drain drains did make it less annoying and a lot more affordable. It was reassuring to discover their work is guaranteed despite not needing it!”

Tara Howard, St. Paul, August 2019

5 Red Flags You Need a Mainline Repair

We understand that discovering a slab leak or water line repair need can be a harrowing circumstance. However, the Paul Bunyan team frequently analyzes the methods and tools we use to provide cutting-edge services that reduce work time and unnecessary expenses.

The sooner you identify a problem with your main water line, the quicker the problem means it can do less damage to your plumbing and your home. The following circumstances are symptoms of a faulty water line.

  1. Increased Water Bills: Higher water rates are an indication that there is something wrong with your plumbing. Popped water mains gobble up water driving up the water tariff.
  2. Mineral Stains: Be on the lookout for mineral stains. The stains are ochre or coppery colored tints from the water flowing from the tap. This is caused by the material type the pipe is constructed from and the materials used to build them.
  3. Wet Spots in the Yard: Finding puddles of water in your yard when it has not rained is a telltale sign that something isn’t right with your plumbing. Do not attempt to repair a water line repair without proper training and permissions.
  4. Hissing Sounds: The plumbing inside your home should only make noise when the taps are turned on, the toilet is being flushed, or wastewater is flowing away from the home to be sanitized by the water company. Take heed if you hear hissing and rumbling sound as the water travels through the pipe and flows out the tap. Schedule a service call with one of our experts today.
  5. Weak Water Pressure: Leaks negatively impact the intensity of the water pressure and low water pressure emitted from any faucet might indicate a problem with your water main.

Waterline repair can conjure up images of concrete dust clouds, endless drilling, and angry neighbors, but we at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains strive to streamline all of our repairs. We utilize current technology to efficiently locate the leak, design a work plan, and expertly complete the water line repair.

Don’t panic if you suspect you have a water line repair that needs attention. Our work is guaranteed and we provide free estimates. Please reach out to Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains to find out how we can guide you through the process of re-edify your plumbing system.

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