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Choosing the Right Plumbing Service for Your St. Paul, MN Home

The vast disruptions in everyday living caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have had a few unexpected consequences. Staying home has sparked a new found respect for smooth and consistent domestic functionality. There’s no escape when something goes wrong around the home! The lockdowns have also raised awareness of how we are collectively polluting the planet. As social and economic activity slowed down, the skies and waters cleared, nature reverted back to a healthier equilibrium. What does this have to do with your local plumbing service? Quite a lot, actually. 

Stick with me and I’ll explain the ways conscientious plumbing, in St. Paul, MN and all over the rest of North America, is good for the health of both your family and the environment.

How a Plumbing Service Can Help in Times or Areas of Drought

Water conservation is already top of mind in many parts of the country, including some parts of Minnesota. Years of erosion, climbing temperatures and erratic weather patterns such as La Nina have contributed to flooding in some areas and severe seasonal drought in others. 

Having a plumbing service technician install water saving fixtures such as low flow or dual flow toilets can help conserve precious water supplies. As can shower head roses to reduce the flow of water. These little adjustments can add up to significant water conservation over time. And so will the prompt repair of any pin prick leaks in piping and the rest of plumbing infrastructure.

How a Plumbing Service Can Help in Times of Flood

Conversely and annoyingly, the same weather patterns that cause drought can also cause seasonal or periodic flooding of waterways, and raise the water table dangerously closer to the foundations of many homes and buildings. When this happens (especially if it occurs over too short a period of time), great stress can also be put on plumbing infrastructure, both at home and in the wider community. This can cause the following flood-related issues, all of which will benefit from the attention of a professional plumbing service.

Saturated groundwater can disrupt the building’s foundation and surrounding soil. When this happens, pipes and sewers can buckle and break, allowing water and sewage to leak into the ground. Septic systems can also be dislodged and may require adjustments or repairs.

Overflow in the municipal sewer mains can result from sudden deluges of rainwater or waste water entering the system. And this can impact properties all down the line of an interconnected sewer system. Many homeowners opt for) a backflow valve. This device will seal the pipes entering a home or building so it can avoid flooding. Of course, this solution might not help in a catastrophic event, but for periodic flooding it is useful. Similarly, valves can be installed to prevent sewage from a home entering into main municipal water pipes (and in some jurisdictions this is mandated by law). 

Many flooded basement has been saved by a sump pump, the go-to basement device for homes in areas of frequent flooding. An experienced plumbing service provider will be able to advise you on how they work and where they should be installed. Together with backflow valves, this setup can be an effective defense against basement drain backup and flooding.

The increased flow of water during a flood event can also lead to broken pipes and clogged drains. Plumbing infrastructure under pressure is likely to fail, and any shift in the placement of pipes and valves can cause damage. A pro plumber can assess the weak points in your home’s system, troubleshoot where damage has occurred and repair it. 

A Professional Plumbing Service Can Source Green Products and Offer Green Advice

Many home and business owners replace all their plumbing fixtures after a major flood that has caught them off-guard and damaged plumbing infrastructure. This presents a great opportunity to install newer, more energy efficient products. A good plumbing service will stay up to date with industry technology and innovation, and will be able to source the greenest new products. Because such products are in such demand, development is constantly yielding more sustainable solutions to the most common plumbing elements. 

From recycling fixtures to flow limitation devices and super-efficient sewage treatment systems, plumbing is going green and paying more attention to the world’s dwindling resources and reducing waste. 

Here are few of the latest green plumbing technologies to ask your plumber about:

  • Greywater and cisterns – for recycling and harvesting respectively, these systems tap alternative sources for water for yard work, laundry, dishes and other household chores. A series of filters can even produce potable water.
  • Duel flow and low flow toilets – though newer to North American homes, these systems have been in use in other parts of the world for some time. Ask your plumbing professional about composting toilet technology as well. Though still unwieldy, vast amounts of research and development energy are going into making these non-sewage based systems more user-friendly.
  • Eco-friendly plumbing supplies – the construction industry in general is undergoing a green revolution. The plumbing sector is no exception – an established plumbing service will be aware of and use greener materials, fixtures and tools. That’s because they care – but also because their customers are demanding greener solutions.
  • Water and energy consumption monitors and valves – most people are shocked by how much water they consume (and waste?) when it is pointed out to them. Monitors that track consumption are gaining popularity as tools for cutting back on luxurious usage.

If you’re a home or business owner in the greater St. Paul, MN area, and you require emergency or maintenance plumbing services for any size property, call the friendly professionals at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains today. Their skilled and experienced technicians will assess the job, troubleshoot, repair and improve as required. All of which can add the efficiency and improved functionality of your St. Paul, MN property. Good for you and good for the environment.

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