Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Bloomington and Brooklyn Park residents understand that there are impurities in the water supply, even in our great State of Minnesota. And while they might not be as concentrated here as they are in other parts of the country, it can still impact the taste of the water. And we all know that if water does not taste clean and refreshing, we are not going to drink it. So homeowners often call Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains at 612-340-1444 to ask about affordable water filtration options. And the system we often recommend uses reverse osmosis to deliver pure water that you and your family will enjoy drinking. So what are the benefits of reverse osmosis water filtration?

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration

Here are the Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration:


A reverse osmosis water filtration system uses the house water pressure to move water through a series of water filters of varying sizes. The final stage is a semi-permeable membrane that allows only the pure water molecules to pass through. Once the purified water is inside the membrane, it is routed into a storage tank. The water you consume from inside the tank has up to 99% of the total dissolved solids removed, so it tastes great and is very healthy.


Many homeowners love that a small RO system can be installed under a sink and deliver refreshing water at a very affordable cost. But there are many other reasons you and your family will love having reverse osmosis filtered water in your home.

  • Increased Water Quality – this covers many aspects of water, from its crystal clear visual appeal to the lack of a foul taste and odor. You will find that items made with water like coffee, tea, soup, or other drink mixes taste better when made with RO water.
  • Increased Health Benefits – Everyone has heard that they should be drinking eight glasses of water each day. But that can be a challenge when the water tastes bad or has a strange odor. However, when you have access to RO filtered water, you will drink more water each day, improving your health. One of the enormous benefits for many new RO filtration owners is that they see a sharp decrease in the amount of soda consumed by family members, which provides significant health benefits.
  • Saves Money – When you have low-quality water in your home, you purchase bottled water. But soon discover that your efforts for pure, healthy water are a drain on your budget. Doing the fast math, you learn that a family of four should be drinking a case of water a day to maintain a healthy hydration level. But when you use an RO filter, the cost is a fraction of bottled water.
  • So Much Easier – Buying water at the store and dragging it home becomes a chore, making it easy to decide to buy less than your family really needs. However, an RO filtration system is simple to maintain when following the manufacturer’s filter and membrane replacement instructions.

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