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8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Plumber for Drain Cleaning | St. Paul, MN

Most homeowners do not really think about getting a professional drain cleaning service until something happens. They wait until they start experiencing problems with their drains such as leaks, clogs or slow drains. Like your water heater or HVAC, your drains also need regular maintenance for it to be efficient. It will last longer when properly maintained.

A regular drain cleaning should be part of your plumbing maintenance as it will benefit you in the long run. As much as possible, schedule professional drain cleaning with a plumber in St. Paul, MN. Doing this can prevent major plumbing emergencies that may cost you a fortune due to pipe damage and other structural damages.

Below are just a few reasons why you need drain cleaning asap:

1. You Can Prevent Foul Drain Odors

A lot of food substances and chemicals go down your drain. Food, oil, hair, soap, dirt and other grime may be present in your drains. When these chemicals or substances get stuck in the pipes, it would lead to a problem. Remember that these are organic, so they will degrade when bacteria eat at it. Do you know where that would lead? Nasty, foul-smelling odors.

Imagine having to stop what you are doing as you cannot stand the smell creeping up from the drains. You basically can eliminate these foul odors when you hire a plumber for a professional drain cleaning service. Taking a shower or washing the dishes will be a lot more convenient when your drain is cleaned and water just consistently flows.

2. Cost-effective

One of the reasons homeowners don’t schedule regular drain cleaning by a professional plumber in St. Paul, MN is because it will cost them money. What they do not realize though is that drain cleaning doesn’t cost a lot compared to the problems associated with having a clogged drain.

All things considered, you can save money by regularly having drain maintenance for your plumbing system. If a clogged drain results in a major plumbing emergency, that will even cost you more money.

When you get a plumber for regular drain cleaning, you eliminate problems. Your pipes will be healthy and will last years. There will be no additional cost involved as you will not need to have their either replaced or repaired.

3. Reduces Floor and Wall Damage

When the water overflows from a clogged drain, they will run onto your walls or floors. Molds can grow. If you don’t get a plumber to fix the clogged drain, it will eventually damage your walls and floors. That would equal more costs on your end: hiring a plumber in St. Paul, MN to fix the clog and another cost for replacing part of the wall or floors.

With a professional drain cleaning, you will not have to experience these problems.

4. Efficient Drainage

One sign that you may be having a major clog problem is when your drainage is very slow. The water just stands in the drain and takes a long time to flow. If you’re in the shower, you may have to cut your shower time. Plunging toilets are just extremely nasty and also inconvenient.

Eliminate hassles and problems by hiring a professional to help you regularly clean your drain.

5. Contributes to Good Health

Mold and bacteria like to live in clogged drains. When the problem isn’t resolved by a plumber, these bacteria may keep growing. These bacteria may develop into serious infections or illnesses that can harm your entire family. Molds are also dangerous to people with respiratory problems.

A healthy drain equals healthier air in your homes. That will contribute a lot to having good health.

With regular drain cleaning by a professional plumber, you definitely can prevent bacteria from living and developing in your pipes.

6. Eliminates Clog Problems

Having a clogged drain is such an inconvenience. You will need to either postpone what you need to do until the problem gets resolved or spend more time in the shower or in the kitchen. And the worst-case scenario is when the water overflows due to a clogged drain.

What if it’s the toilet’s drain that gets clogged and the water overflows? Imagine how nasty that will get. You can always plunge but when it’s really stubborn, it’s never ever going to go away. Some homeowners resort to using drain cleaners but these are not good for they contain harmful chemicals.

With professional drain cleaning by a plumber in St. Paul, MN, it will reduce the chances of getting a clogged drain or completely eliminates it. You may not even need a sewage backup.

7. You Get Healthy Pipes

A chemical buildup in the pipes could result in either a minor/major leak or corrosion. Small leaks are already an inconvenience. Major leaks are both inconvenient and costly.

You can prevent chemical buildup in your pipes when you get a professional drain cleaning service in your area. Remember that when your pipes get regular maintenance, they will last a lot longer. You will not need to pay for any more plumbing cost or replacement cost.

8. Avoids Excess Water Bills

If there is an undetected water leak in your plumbing system due to clogged drains, your water bills will surely skyrocket. Call professional help when you notice that your bills may be higher than usual.

You can prevent damage to pipes and leak problems when you get a professional drain cleaning service.

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