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5 Plumbing Problems That Are No Match for Paul

In my travels, I’ve seen rivers blocked by massive logs. I’ve even changed another river’s course to help my friends. Water can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to plumbing. From clogged drains to sewer backup, I’ve seen it all. By matching old fashioned strength with the best modern technology available, I’m ready to overcome any plumbing problem.

1. Running Toilets

This is one of the most common plumbing problems out there. Most people don’t think much of it—that it’s just brief a noise you can ignore. But running toilets waste gallons of water a day, which can increase your water bill. My team and I at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains usually find it’s a faulty flapper valve that’s causing the trouble. Fixing it is just a matter of switching out the malfunctioning part.

2. Damaged Water Heaters

I remember a time when it rained non-stop for months. I even saw Babe himself try to stifle a chill down his back because the water was so cold. If your water heater’s only pumping cold water, check to see that your pilot light’s still lit. If you’re still getting cold water, it could be because of sediment build-up or a faulty thermometer. These are common issues that we can repair right away.

3. Leaking Pipes

Especially in older homes, pipes can wear out. Through heavy use, blockages, and hard water, tiny imperfections can form. They’re as small as a pinprick and are easy to miss. But leaking water can attract insects and damage your home. If the leak continues, it’ll worsen. Minnesota winters can freez
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e the water, causing leaking pipes to burst. Scheduling pipe inspections before the winter can prevent minor leaks from creating bigger problems.

4. Clogged Shower Drains

Over time, soap, mineral build-up, and hair can block your pipes. Older pipes are especially prone to clogs. I wouldn’t recommend using chemical drain cleaners to fix the clog. The chemicals might work in the short-term, but they’ll also corrode your pipes. Whenever someone on my team tells me about a blockage they found, it reminds me of the old Dakota territory. Their trees were too thick to pass through. But together, Babe and I cleared two states’ worth of trees, creating viable farmland. With a little bit of the same elbow grease, I’ll unclog your drain without damaging your pipes.

5. Sewer System Backup

If you notice bad smells coming from your drains or you’re experiencing numerous clogs, your sewer system might be backed up.  Decaying old pipes, tree root blockages, and broken lines are usually the cause. However, trenchless sewer repair can fix the problem quickly. It’s safe for your landscape and will keep roots from clogging your pipes again.


At Paul Bunyan Plumbing and Drains, there isn’t a problem we can’t handle. From drain cleaning to emergency plumbing, the people of Minneapolis, MN, can rely on us. To schedule an appointment with one of my team members, call us today.

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