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It is likely to shock Bloomington residents to learn that 85% of the United States battles hard water. Generally, the term hard water classifies water with a higher than normal amount of minerals. But in the U. S., our normal is actually hard water. By definition, hard water contains in excess of 180 milligrams of dissolved calcium and magnesium per liter. So everyone needs to understand what hard water is, how it can damage your home's plumbing, how it can damage your skin and hair, and how the pros at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains can eliminate these concerns and the hard water in your Stillwater home.

Is Hard Water Dangerous?

There are several hazards associated with hard water. The one that most homeowners first consider is any injury or health concerns for humans or domestic pets. And it is essential to understand that the minerals in hard water are not poisonous. So they will not make you sick or cause any maladies. But they are known to be very drying to your skin and hair. So correcting hard water issues will help to eliminate dry, itchy skin on humans and pets. In addition, softened water will decrease the damage to your hair, including brittleness and limp, dry hair.

The more concerning hazard of hard water is the damage it will inflict on your home's water lines and plumbing fixtures. The minerals in the hard water create chalk-like white sediment that will clog showerheads and faucets, corrode fixtures and pipes, and eventually erode all of the water lines and plumbing components in your home.

A Simple And Professional Hard Water Solution

The Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain water quality experts are just a call away to help you solve your home's hard water issues. A Paul Bunyan pro will test your home's water to determine the level of hardness and then make a recommendation for an ideal water softener. The most common type of water softener uses salt to remove the calcium and magnesium ions in a process called ion exchange.

How Long Do Water Softeners Last?

Your water softener will require the addition of salt from time to time as well as cleaning and service periodically. However, with the care of your new water softener entrusted to the team at Paul Bunyan, your unit can last for many decades. As with any mechanical device, proper service and maintenance are essential to ensure reliability and longevity. Think of the professional service for your water softener as an investment in your home's entire plumbing system because keeping your water softener functioning correctly is the only way to avoid damaging mineral build-up and damage to your water lines.

The Most Valuable Benefit Of A Water Softener

We all know that drinking water is vital to our health. And thanks to a new water softener, you will enjoy pure, refreshing, and affordable mineral-free water that you enjoy drinking for improved hydration and health.

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