Why You Should Consider A Water Heater Upgrade

Most homeowners in the Bloomington and Duluth areas give little thought to their home’s water heater until there is an issue. And by that time, they are typically facing a cold shower to learn a valuable lesson. Most conventional water heaters will last about a decade before surprising you with a shockingly cold shower or unwanted puddle of warm water on the floor. So why not be proactive and get that old unit replaced before it decides to create a mess or stop doing its job? Here are four compelling reasons to upgrade your water heater now and eliminate many potential issues.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Everyone would like to save some energy without having to cut back on any of the creature comforts in their home. So why not take advantage of the increased energy efficiency of a new water heater? Increased insulation in the holding tank and better heating systems get you the same luxurious hot water at a fraction of the cost of heating it with your outdated water heater.

Less Energy = Lower Utility Bills

While saving energy is nice for the planet and all the environmental benefits, let’s be honest, saving money gets you motivated. And by using a new, more energy-efficient water heater, you are saving money each month. So think of the cost of your new water heater as an investment that will begin paying you back each month with lower energy bills and more money in your household budget for fun and entertainment.

Avoid Issues That Come With An Old Water Heater

Have you noticed that your hot water has an odd rusty color or a foul odor? If so, you are about to have more issues. The rusty color of your hot water is a sign that there is rust inside the holding tank of the water heater. And it is only a matter of time until that rust results in a hot water leak in your house. Old water heaters that are not regularly drained and flushed are destined to deliver this orange water warning just before the flood occurs.

If your hot water has a strange taste or odor, the issue is likely to be contamination related to bacteria or other undesirable germs in the tank. A professional tank cleaning could clear up the issue. But the best course of action is an upgrade to a new water heater and then regular maintenance to keep the tank free of bacteria and contaminants.

No More Waiting For Hot Water

If you are constantly battling to see who gets to shower first to have hot water, it is time to upgrade to a larger water heater. Then everyone in the family can enjoy a piping hot shower. And thanks to the increased energy efficiency of the unit, you will not see your energy bills increase.

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