Water Heater FAQ’S

The licensed plumbers at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain understand that it is easy to forget about your Rochester home’s water heater when it functions flawlessly. However, when this one vital component in your plumbing system is not meeting your needs, our pros want you to know that you can call 612-340-1444 for expert diagnosis, repair, or water heater replacement. But before you determine that you need help from our pros, we would like to share some important facts about water heaters and their function to ensure that you understand when there is a legitimate issue with your Duluth home’s water heater.

The Perfect Water Heater Temperature Setting

All new water heaters arrive from the factory pre-set to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. This is an industry-standard that is considered to be safe from scalds and burns. Water over 120 can result in burns to children, the elderly, and anyone with sensitive skin. However, your desired water temperature may vary slightly. So start with a setting of 120 and adjust slightly as needed to ensure your comfort and safety.

Why Am I Suddenly Running Out Of Hot Water?

If you experience issues with the amount of hot water in your home, the challenge is typically related to a change in your hot water needs or a problem with the function of your water heater. The best approach is to consider your recent hot water usage and determine if you are now using more hot water than you were in the past. The answer to this annoying problem could be as simple as a house guest increasing the demand on your water heater or the need for long hot showers to relieve aching muscles from a new workout routine. However, if your routine and hot water needs have not changed, a call to Paul Bunyan at 612-340-1444 is sure to provide reliable answers. Our pros will inspect your water heater and determine if a repair or replacement is the ideal solution for you and your home.

Why Do I Have To Wait So Long For Hot Water?

Many factors have an impact on how long you wait for hot water when you turn on the shower or a faucet in your home. From the length of the water line and the location of the water heater to the outside temperature, all play a role in the time you wait to enjoy hot water. What is vital is noticing when this length of time changes drastically and for no apparent reason. For example, the water lines can deliver more cold water in cold weather before the desired steamy water arrives. But if you are waiting longer than you did last winter or last week, the issue could be an increase in sediment in the water heater, a failing heating element, or a number of other problems that the pros at Paul Bunyan can rectify for you, quickly and cost-effectively.

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