Top 6 Mistakes You Are Doing To Damage Your Home


While you have no way of avoiding plumbing issues related to the age of your Brooklyn Park or Hastings home, there are several issues that the Paul Bunyan team is called to correct that could have easily been avoided. Unfortunately, most homeowners have no idea that they are making a serious mistake that will result in a clog, broken water line or other plumbing issues that will require professional repairs. However, eliminating these mistakes will help you avoid costly and messy plumbing problems and damage to your home.

Severe Bathroom Issues

The most common toilet clog issue our experts see is related to the use of flushable moist wipes. These paper products are too thick and durable to dissolve in water and result in severe clogs in your home’s drains. Only use toilet paper to avoid a nasty flood of sewage.

The other common issue we see when replacing a toilet is a toilet bowl that is worn and impossible to clean. The finish has been eaten away by the use of the drop-in toilet cleaning tabs. Placing that hard tablet in the toilet tank is supposed to keep the bowl fresh and clean. However, the bleach and cleaners are very concentrated when the tab first enters the tank. This high level of cleaning chemicals results in the destruction of the finish on the bowl and more cleaning challenges than you ever imagined. Use a squirt of cleaner and a brush as needed to save the finish on your toilet bowl and hours of scrubbing.

Disposal And Drain Damage

The garbage disposal in your kitchen sink often gets too much credit. This device is designed for grinding up small bits of waste rinsed from cookware and dishes. It is not meant to handle the veggie peels and massive hunks of garbage that you cram into it. Large pieces of food and peels will end up clogging your drains and creating a huge mess. Instead, peel into the sink if it is easier, then put that waste in the trash can to avoid a costly clog.

Cooking oil and grease have no place in your home’s drains. Oil and water do not mix. So that stinky grease will stick to the drain lines and create a tacky residue that snags other debris. Soon you will have a foul-smelling and clogged drain.

Proper Hose Care

Forgetting to remove the garden hose and turn off the water to the faucet in the winter will cost you more than a new hose. It can also result in cracked water lines. So get those outside faucets ready before the cold weather arrives to avoid a potentially costly flood.

Washing machine hoses are easy to forget about until they flood your laundry room. However, these affordable hoses have a life of around five years. So be proactive and replace the hoses before you face severe water damage.

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