Sump pump repair in Minneapolis

Sump Pump Repairs

Living in a moist area such as Brooklyn Park or Stillwater, homeowners place great faith in the function of their home's sump pump. So when there is the unfortunate discovery that this vital equipment is not working, it is very easy to panic. However, this is a critical time for everyone to remain calm and follow a few simple tips from the experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains. In many cases, there is an easy DIY fix that you can use to restore the function of your sump pump until it can be inspected and serviced by a Paul Bunyan licensed Plumber.

Start With The Float

The float assembly on a sump pump is vital to the unit's reliability and function. When the water in the sump pit rises, the float should move easily to rise with the water. When the float reaches a preset level, it activates the pump to begin removing water from the pit. In turn, the float will also turn off the motor as the water level decreases and the float is lowered. So reach into the sump pit and ensure that the float and float arm can move freely to activate and deactivate the pump. Also, check for debris that could have caused the float to become stuck and unable to perform its essential duty.

An Important Spring Cleaning Item

Knowing that the float on a sump pump needs to remain unimpeded, it is crucial to add your home's sump pit to your spring and fall cleaning agenda. First, remove any dirt or debris that has fallen into the pit and could hamper the function of the float or create a clog in the pump intake or discharge lines. Also, inspect the intake screen to ensure the pump is not clogged. Remember, the water moving through the pump also keeps the pump motor cool. So when the intake is clogged, there is an increased risk of burning up the pump motor.

Check The Power Supply

If the pump and sump pump pit are in good condition, but the pump is still not functioning, it is time to check the power supply. Carefully remove the pump's plug from the outlet and then reinsert it into the outlet. Also, check the GFCI for the outlet. Push the reset button to be sure the outlet has power. If the outlet is older and is not a GFCI, check the breaker for that outlet to ensure that it has not been tripped and is not providing power to the sump pump.

Is The Discharge Line Clogged?

If you see the sump pump activate and remove water from the pit, then suddenly stop evacuating water, the issue could be a clogged discharge hose. When the discharge line is blocked, the pump will fill the line to the location of the clog. Then the water will stop moving.

Sometimes, the solution to your sump pump issue is as simple as a bit of cleaning. However, if you cannot restore the function of your sump pump, call the experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drain at 612-340-1444 for a fast and fully warrantied solution.


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