Water Softener Installation

Most homeowners have heard the term hard water but are unsure what it means or how concerned they should be about having hard water in their homes. To make a well-informed choice about a water softener installation, you should understand that water containing a high concentration of minerals is considered hard. When you have your water tested by the water purity experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain, there should be fewer than 61 milligrams of calcium carbonate in each liter of water. If the number is more than 60, you should be concerned about the impact of hard water on your home’s plumbing components and your body.

The Complications Created By Hard Water

While there are no severe health concerns from consuming hard water, it does tend to dry your skin and hair. Removing the minerals from the water will be very helpful in decreasing red, itching dry skin and reducing issues related to dry and damaged hair. You will also notice that soaps clean more effectively when combined with soft water, and there is less mineral residue left on your skin and other surfaces that you are cleaning with soft water.

The most severe complication of hard water is the damage that the minerals cause to water lines and plumbing fixtures. When you notice a chalky, white buildup on faucets and showerheads, the issue is caused by the excessive minerals in the water. Even more concerning is that these minerals are building up inside the water lines and reducing the capacity of the pipes. If left unsoftened, the water will eventually leave enough mineral deposits to block the flow of water through the water lines and destroy the nozzles and other components of your water fixtures.

Selecting A Water Softener For You Minneapolis/St. Paul Home

When you discover that your home has hard water, as over 75% of all homes in the United States, it is essential to consider all your options for a water softener installation. Most homeowners quickly decide they want a whole-home water softener to ensure that all their water lines and plumbing components are protected from the hazards of mineral buildup and premature corrosion.

The next dilemma they face is selecting the correct size water softener. The number of people living in your home, water usage, and the hardness of your water are all factors to consider when selecting a water softener. The experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains are here to assist you in evaluating your water usage and selecting the water softener that will best meet your home’s needs and budget.

Complete Water Purification And Softening

The experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains will provide several options for whole-home water softening. In addition, if testing of your water determines that there are other contaminants in your home’s water, we will recommend a water filtration and water softener combination to provide you and your loved ones with pure, safe soft water. And each installation is backed by our full warranty on the installation and water softener or water filtration system installed in your home.

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