Potential Causes Of Poor Water Pressure

Potential Causes Of Poor Water Pressure

Most homes in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area have sufficient water pressure to supply the fixtures and water needs inside the house. So when you discover a drop in water pressure that makes it tough to handle everyday tasks like washing dishes or taking a shower, you begin to wonder and worry. What could be the cause of this drastic drop in water pressure? The good news is that there are many, and some are not as bad or costly to repair as you might be imagining.

Common Reasons For A Drop In Water Pressure

  • Excessive Demand – There could be a few rare occasions of too much demand for your home’s water supply to meet your needs. Think of things that happen very seldom, like filling a swimming pool or washing the car while the clothes washer is running and someone tries to shower. All that demand at one time is not a common occurrence and can make you think there is a problem. But scale back the water use, and you will see the water pressure and availability return to normal.
  • Old Or Faulty Fixtures – If you only notice the lack of water pressure in a specific shower or at a single sink, consider the age and condition of the fixture. Is the nozzle coated in white, chalky scale or blocked by corrosion? Try cleaning the aerator on the fixture to see if that corrects the declining pressure. If not, it could be time for a new faucet or showerhead to enjoy good water pressure again.
  • A Broken Pressure Regulator – Your home might have a pressure regulator if you are fortunate enough to live in a community with exceptional water pressure. This device limits the pressure to prevent damage and excessive wear and tear on your plumbing lines and fixtures. If the pressure regulating valve has failed, it could be reducing the water pressure too much, causing low pressure throughout the house. The experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain can test the valve to determine if it is the problem.
  • Clogged Or Corroded Pipes – If the issue has increased over time, the cause could be corrosion or a clog forming inside the water supply lines. The pros at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain can determine if this is the problem and provide you with options to correct it.
  • A Water Leak – There is always the possibility of a severe water leak somewhere in your home depleting the water pressure. The best way to test this theory is to turn off all the water inside and outside the house. Then look at the water meter to see if it shows any water flowing in the lines. If the meter dial is moving, you have a water leak and need to call 612-340-1444 for emergency leak repair.

If you cannot determine the reason for the drop in water pressure in your home, it is always best to call in the pros from Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain to ensure that it is not a leak or other problem that is damaging your home.


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