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Jetter Plumbing Machine Benefits

When you discover that your Minneapolis/St. Paul home has one or more clogged drains, you instantly begin to worry about a flood of dirty water and costly water damage. Fortunately, a call to the licensed plumbers at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains at  612-340-1444 is all you need to do to ensure that your home’s drains will soon be clog-free. In addition, there is no worry about damage to your home’s drain pipes because our pros use a high-pressure jetter machine for drain-safe cleaning.

What Is A Jetter?

A jetter machine is a specialized tool developed to eliminate drain clogs without damaging the drain piping. The device uses a high-pressure jet of water from a wand inserted into the drain line to blast away clogs and debris inside a drain pipe. The nozzle on the wand ensures that the water jets are cleaning the entire inside surface of the drain line, unlike a cable that will remove clogs but does not clean the whole pipe.

Cleaned And Flushed In One Step

While a plumbing snake or auger is applicable in some cases, it does not offer the complete cleaning of the water jetter. In addition, because of the massive volume of water delivered by the jetter, all of the debris from clogs is quickly washed out of your home’s drain and sewer lines and into the city sewer system. So there is no concern of the debris creating a future clog further down the drain line.

No Caustic Chemical Fumes

One of the most impressive features of a jetter drain cleaning or clog removal is that no chemicals are used in these processes. Instead, only pure water removes tough clogs and sticky residue that can create future clogs and fill your home with foul odors. So you never need to worry about throat, or eye irritation due to chemical fumes after the pros at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains have visited your home for a professional drain cleaning.

Will The Water Jetter Damage Drain Pipes?

The experts at Paul Bunyan have years of experience operating the jetter machines to clean drains safely. In addition, our pros always inspect the drain line before a jetter cleaning using a tiny waterproof camera. This process ensures that there is no preexisting damage to the drain lines that could become more severe after the water jet cleaning.

Good For You, Your Home, And The Environment

Using only pure jetted water to remove tough drain clogs is the only safe process for you, your drain, lines, and the environment. Because there are no chemical fumes, there is never a worry about a health or breathing issue for you or anyone in your home during or after a professional drain line jetter cleaning. In addition, the cleaning process never damages the drain pipes, as caustic chemical drain cleaners are known to do. And finally, because the process only uses pure water, no toxic chemicals are being washed into the sewer system that could potentially harm local wetlands, waterways, and groundwater.

Call Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains at  612-340-1444 for a drain-safe jetter cleaning solution at the first sign of a clogged drain.


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