Gas VS. Electric Water Heaters

When residents of the St. Paul/Minneapolis area shop for a new water heater, there are several criteria to consider. The Paul Bunyan Plumbing & Drains team wants to ensure that you select the perfect water heater for your home for years of trouble-free service. To help our customers make this significant choice for their homes, our licensed plumbers have compiled all the critical information and facts you need to make a wise choice for your new water heater. And rest assured that if you have any questions, the experts at Paul Bunyan are happy to provide guidance and answer any questions regarding gas and electric water heaters.

The Basics Of The Two Contenders

Clearly, the most obvious difference is the power source of each water heater. The electric water heater uses heating rods located vertically inside the holding tank to heat water from the center of the tank outward. The gas water heater has a burner located at the base of the tank and heats water in the lower portion. That heated water rises to the top of the tank to allow more water to be heated. But it is important to note that both types of water heaters require electricity to power the thermostat and other features.

Thinking About Your Comfort

For homeowners looking for rapid water heating, it is vital to understand that an electric water heater heats water more slowly than a similar gas model. So when you use all the heated water in the holding tank, it will take longer for an electric model to heat more water. This process is referred to as the recovery rate of the water heater. It can be crucial to a larger family or a family that uses a significant amount of hot water. So if you know that your large family will be lining up for showers each morning, know that a gas water heater will replenish your hot water supply faster than an electric model.

The Cost Of Comfort

A gas water heater will come out on top when evaluating the cost of heating water. This is because the cost of the gas to operate your water heater will be cheaper than the cost of electricity to heat your home’s hot water. Ironically, electric water heaters are more energy efficient. Still, the price of electricity is so much more than gas that a less energy-efficient gas water heater will still deliver a lower operating cost than a similar electric model.

Other Factors To Consider

One of the most significant factors to consider is the availability of gas in your home or neighborhood. Some areas do not offer natural gas, so the only option could be a propane tank, which will add significant cost to the project. In addition, electric water heaters typically cost less than a similarly sized gas unit. They will also have a slightly longer life expectancy, making them a more savvy investment from a purely financial perspective.

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