DROP Water Softeners

DROP Water Softeners

Mineral-laden water is not suitable for your skin, hair, water lines, or plumbing fixtures. And with over three-quarters of the homes in the United States faced with hare water, water softeners are a wise investment. However, the DROP company believes that your water softener should offer more than just great tasting, soft water that is more gentle on your skin, hair, and plumbing components. It should also be a part of the cutting-edge water management system that protects your home from water damage.

The DROP water softener is designed around a unique and patented piston that allows the unit to shut off the water to your home. So when paired with the DROP hub and DROP leak detectors, you can rest easy knowing that your home will not be damaged by water leaks while enjoying the softest and most enjoyable water.

Smart Water Softeners

When integrated with the DROP hub, DROP smart water softeners offer many advanced features that the average water softener does not provide. For example, thanks to remote connectivity, you can monitor and control your home's water softener from your mobile device. This feature allows for more water efficiency, fewer concerns, and less stress when away from home. Your DROP water softener can also notify you of any upcoming maintenance requirements or issues with function due to needed components like salt or cleaning. And finally, in the event of an emergency, the DROP water softener can shut off your home's water to prevent costly water damage.

A Drop Water Softener For Every Home Or Office

The DROP cabinet water softener is ideal if you live in a condo or smaller home. The unit's compact size allows for installation in a laundry room or other smaller space. In addition, this system operates via 12-volt DC, so it is the perfect choice for a solar-powered or off-grid application. And even though the unit is smaller than the other DROP water softeners, it still includes the innovative piston design to facilitate shutting off the water in an emergency. If you have a space that is 23-inches deep and 14-inches wide, you can accommodate this 45-inch tall, smart cabinet water softener.

For larger homes, the DROP Pro water softener provides the same services and benefits as the cabinet model, just on a larger scale. It features two-piece construction for ease of maintenance and has roughly twice the capacity of the smaller unit. The DROP City water softener delivers the soft water you want in your home as well as the filtration of common unwanted chemicals found in most city water. The catalytic carbon removes chlorine and chloramine before the water enters the ion exchange resin for softening. The DROP Duplex is the professional-grade system that will meet the needs of a busy, larger household 24/7. It can account for more demand than the smaller units while ensuring the water's quality.

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