DROP Water Filters

Pure water is a concern for most households across the country, including those in Duluth and Hastings. In addition, many of the homeowners who are worried about their water purity are also concerned about water leaks and the likelihood of water damage to their homes. Fortunately, DROP has solutions for all your household water concerns, from water filtration to water softening and leak detection. And the entire water management system can be monitored and managed remotely, thanks to the DROP hub.

Smart Home Water Filtration

Most city water is contaminated with chlorine, pharmaceutical contaminants, and even heavy metals. As a result, many households have turned to purchasing costly bottled water that is not good for their budget or the environment. After the chore of lugging the bottled water home, properly recycling the bottles to ensure they avoid the landfill. The simple solution to these and many other water purity concerns is a whole home water filtration system from DROP. And what makes this a brilliant choice is that the water filter can also be used to shut off the water to your home in the event of a leak.

The DROP Water Filter Lineup

DROP offers several smart water filtration options to meet everyone’s needs and budget, including :

  • Whole House Cartridge Filter – This filter removes unwanted chemicals from your water via a replaceable cartridge. The life of the filter is estimated at 250,000 gallons. In addition, the unit monitors water usage and has water shutoff capability.
  • Home Chemical Reduction Filter – This unit also removes unwanted chemicals from your household water. It has a filtration life expectancy of 750,000 gallons for the 1.5 cubic foot size and 1,250,000 gallons for the 2.5 cubic foot unit. In addition, the unit monitors water usage and has water shutoff capability.
  • Duplex Filter – This filter provides ProPlex Technology and removes unwanted chemicals. This larger system filters 1,500,000 gallons in the 1.5 cubic foot size or 2,500,000 gallons with the 2.5 cubic foot unit and also monitors water usage and has water shutoff capability.
  • Single Tank Aeration Filter – This system removes iron and sulfur from your water for 6 to 8 years while also monitoring water usage and has water shutoff capability.

The Benefits Of DROP Water Filtration Systems

When you install a DROP water filtration system, you will enjoy great tasting, pure, healthy water from all the fixtures in your home. In addition, it eliminates the cost and hassle of dragging home bottled water. So you begin seeing the savings in your first month will lower grocery bills. In addition, this smart device offers you the ability to monitor and control the water in your home from anywhere in the world that you have an Internet connection. That amazing feature also included receiving updates from the DROP system and the ability to shut off the water to your home if a water leak is detected.

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