DROP Salt Sensor

Living in the Minneapolis region, you are sure to have come to terms with the extremely hard water. As one of the six metro areas of the country with the hardest water, in excess of 15 grains per gallon, the water can present many challenges for homeowners, from dry skin issues to damage to plumbing fixtures and pipes. But all of those hard water concerns can be eliminated when you call 612-340-1444 to speak to the licensed plumbers at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains about installing a DROP system, complete with a DROP salt sensor.

Meet The DROP System

The DROP system is a series of water-related innovations that monitors and provides remote access to your home’s water system. From tracking the water flow through a pipe or water meter to monitoring the salt in your water softener, this system keeps you up to date on the status and function of all of these crucial devices in your home’s water supply system. With the addition of the DROP Remote, you can have text, email, or push messages alerting you to significant changes in your home’s water system, like a potentially costly and damaging water leak or a lack of salt in your water softener.

The Benefits Of The DROP Salt Sensor

Living near St. Paul, where the water is notoriously hard, you know that your water softener has a vital function in your home. Running out of salt in the system for just a few days can result in calcium build-up that will damage water lines, plumbing fixtures, and any appliances that use water. But it can be so challenging to keep track of the amount of salt in your water softener, especially if you travel regularly.

The solution is a small device created by DROP that takes the guesswork out of adding and maintaining the salt in your much-needed water softener. And the best part is that this is not a proprietary device that must be added to an overpriced “special” water softener. The DROP salt sensor is universal. Other notable benefits include:

  • It notifies you of low salt via text, email, or push notification
  • It comes standard with all DROP water softener systems
  • It can be added to any water softener with a 3.5-inch or 4-inch brine well
  • There is an optional 7-inch paddle extender offered
  • Includes a 1-year warranty
  • The cutting-edge paddle design provides the most accurate level readings on the market

Soft Water Made Simple

With the remote capability of the DROP system, you can easily keep tabs on the salt level in your water softener, even when you are away from home. Once the salt sensor alerts you to low salt, you can make arrangements to add salt yourself or contact the experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain for water softener service at 612-340-1444. Our team of licensed plumbers is always ready to assist with any service you need to keep your water softener functioning perfectly to protect your plumbing system from the hazards of the extremely hard water here in the Twin City region.


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