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Water damage is a serious concern for homeowners from Anoka to Stillwater. Insurance companies across the country pay out $2.5 billion each year for repairs related to water damage and mold caused by water leaks. If only there was a way to eliminate the potential for this costly damage. Fortunately, there is a solution for wise homeowners who call 612-340-1444 to discuss the installation of a DROP controller or an entire DROP monitoring system from the licensed experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drain.

Taking Control With DROP

The DROP controller is a versatile device that can be used as a component in a complete DROP monitoring system or used independently with a DROP Hub. This small device monitors the water flow in your home and alerts you to any excessive use, such as the increase in water flow when a pipe bursts or an appliance using water leaks or malfunctions. There are several very specific applications for the DROP Controller that allow you to focus the monitoring and protection where you need it in your home.

Home Applications

The DROP controller has been designed for use in various applications to meet multiple needs in your home. It can be installed to:

  • Monitor for leaks using a probe or cable attached to the controller
  • Monitor the flow through a water meter
  • Monitor the temperature to alert and prevent frozen water lines or other devices
  • The controller can also monitor water flow at a pump and be configured to shut off the pump if a water leak is detected
  • With remote connectivity, you can also manually shut off a pump when there is an alert or concern about a water leak

Protecting Your Pump With A DROP Controller

If you have a water pump in your home, you are very aware that this is an expensive piece of equipment that can be damaged by inconsistent electrical current or issues related to water availability. In addition, most pumps are water-cooled and can be destroyed if they are in operation when there is an inadequate water supply. The DROP Controller offers many added features to help protect your home’s water pump, including:

  • Monitoring the pump current to eliminate overloads
  • Monitoring the voltage to prevent the pump from functioning when there is high or low voltage
  • Monitoring the pump pressure and motor to prevent running when there is no water moving through the pump
  • Monitoring to alert you of short cycling and the need for professional maintenance or service for the pump before it sustains costly damage or destruction

This single device offers multiple functions, offering affordable protection for your home and water system.

Complete Confidence From Anywhere

With the addition of remote capability, your DROP Controller can provide you with a wealth of vital information to reduce water damage to your home and prevent expensive damage to your water system and pump. And all of this is possible anyplace that you have access to the Internet or service for your SMART phone.

Call the DROP experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains at 612-340-1444 to learn more about the innovative DROP system.


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