DROP Leak Detectors

DROP Leak Detectors

Residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area are excited to learn that with the installation of a few DROP leak detector devices and a DROP hub, they can stop worrying about water damage from frozen water lines and leaking water pipes in their homes. Living in this region, you know that frozen pipes and water damage are the leading causes of damage to homes that require insurance claims. So investing in these innovative smart devices can reduce your concerns for water damage and possibly even the cost of your homeowner's insurance.

Small But Loaded With Valuable Features

The DROP leak detector measures only 1.5 X 2.75 X 3.25 inches but packs many benefits in this tiny package. They sense water in the area and also monitor the temperature to alert if the temps drop near or below freezing. Homeowners have the choice of setting the unit to notify them when the temperature drops below a designated setting or automatically shut off the water to the house to prevent potential damage from a burst water line.

The DROP hub system will accommodate up to 32 of these handy devices, which can all be named independently. When a notification is sent, you will know exactly where the leak or freeze issue is located by the detector name of the leak detector listed in the report. Each unit is powered by two AA batteries that typically last up to five years.

Placing The Leak Detectors

With a capacity of 32 DROP leak detectors, you can place them throughout your home to have complete confidence that there is no potential for water leaks or costly damage to your home. Commonly recommended locations include:

  • Under each sink in the house
  • At each toilet in the house
  • At the water heater
  • Near the washing machine
  • At the dishwasher
  • At DROP water filters and water softeners
  • Near water spigots
  • At showers or bathtubs
  • In utility closets that have water lines

It is also recommended that you take the time to clearly name each leak detector so that you know where it is located in the event of a notification of a leak or freezing temperature.

Other DROP Components

All of the DROP devices require a DROP hub to interface. In addition, the hub connects with a local Wi-Fi to provide remote access on your mobile device via the DROP app. Using the app, you can manually shut off water on capable devices, monitor and control smart devices like the water filtration and water softeners, and see maintenance alerts for cleaning or other required services from anyplace that you have Internet access.

The Benefits Of DROP Leak Detectors

Of course, the most significant benefit of the DROP leak detectors is the ability to shut off the water to prevent extensive water damage to your home. In addition, these units will alert you to minimal water leaks that might not be causing damage but are wasting water and your hard-earned money. For example, a leaking toilet or dripping faucet would initiate a notification so that you can call 612-340-1444 for assistance from the experts at Paul Bunyan Plumbing And Drains.

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